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  1. Visual SweatZ

    Visual SweatZ

    20 timmar sedan

    U should do a kill race in arena

  2. Nxe 20x

    Nxe 20x

    20 timmar sedan

    27:02 angry dad sees daughter having first kiss

  3. btw orbit

    btw orbit

    20 timmar sedan

    The X2 twins got perm ban

  4. Hyper cloudy

    Hyper cloudy

    20 timmar sedan

    100k likes done😂

  5. Meric Varvar

    Meric Varvar

    20 timmar sedan

    That was a real scene in Rick and morty

  6. phantomz lol

    phantomz lol

    20 timmar sedan

    3:17 Jordan literally could’ve had a gold scar

  7. creed malabu

    creed malabu

    20 timmar sedan

    Sway is good but if they actually 1v1 sway would get clapped clix is miles better than sway

  8. Blue Moon Gaming

    Blue Moon Gaming

    20 timmar sedan

    Haha very good

  9. LoSt_ Rainy

    LoSt_ Rainy

    20 timmar sedan

    No don’t like plz

  10. P-Craft


    20 timmar sedan

    7:35 why blurred name

  11. DoopeyMoopey


    20 timmar sedan

    Did anyone else see how Jordan got 5 bonus points at 4:51 and then after Jesse got 5 bonus points after him Jordan lost his bonus points out of no where

  12. K1NG


    21 timme sedan

    100k like

  13. K1NG


    21 timme sedan

    Led goooo 10k

  14. Jay Brevil

    Jay Brevil

    21 timme sedan

    All Jesse did was camp highground

  15. Rodger Mayhew

    Rodger Mayhew

    21 timme sedan

    The points just GLITCHY LOL WHO WON

  16. Rodger Mayhew

    Rodger Mayhew

    21 timme sedan


  17. galaxyfighter14


    21 timme sedan

    There is a rip off u called CD TWINS

  18. MitchGames247


    21 timme sedan

    Jordan really UFO'd my box until i ran away 😭😭😭

    • Temarionte Williams

      Temarionte Williams

      20 timmar sedan


    • alfatah ruby aradita

      alfatah ruby aradita

      21 timme sedan




    21 timme sedan

    who was blurred

  20. bionic broos

    bionic broos

    21 timme sedan

    I facking love watcjing ur vids dude yall help me Get Crack at fortnite hoinya

  21. Shan T YT

    Shan T YT

    21 timme sedan

    okay so now i guess the score can be 1-1 and jordan gets an elim then jesse gets the point. e

  22. Furious Killer2424

    Furious Killer2424

    21 timme sedan

    3:10 bruh what was that 🤣😂😂

  23. obama


    21 timme sedan

    you better watch out jordan..

  24. turnet


    21 timme sedan

    1:40 jordan: uwu

  25. Lil XLV Vert

    Lil XLV Vert

    21 timme sedan

    You killed me in arena Jesse!!! Gg’s though

  26. EG Bor1cSn0w

    EG Bor1cSn0w

    21 timme sedan

    Jordan’s with 11 points Jesse with 6 Jesse gets a kill Jordan 6 points Jesse 11

  27. A6TR0


    21 timme sedan

    Anyone realise that when it was showing Jesse gameplay, Jordan had 6 and Jesse had 11

  28. London Slaton

    London Slaton

    21 timme sedan


  29. Cooper Ney

    Cooper Ney

    21 timme sedan

    are we not gonna talk abou how in the 1v1 he flipped 1 ramp and called it peice control and won because of it?

  30. Junaid shaikh Ibrahim

    Junaid shaikh Ibrahim

    21 timme sedan

    they blurred the name of jordans second last elim

  31. NinjaCaleb2008


    21 timme sedan

    the mechanical is the best of primal :) 'happy face i think'

  32. 5747 gaming

    5747 gaming

    21 timme sedan

    Make Jordan's edit button f4

  33. Dude2469


    21 timme sedan

    It's no even like a hack you probably switched the PCs around

  34. BLADE_FN


    22 timmar sedan

    Jordan u killed mitchgames247 he has 170k subs

  35. Hamdan Alkaabi

    Hamdan Alkaabi

    22 timmar sedan

    Why don’t you make an only ufo challenge

  36. DoyDude09


    22 timmar sedan

    this is the first time ive seen them die

  37. Katarzyna Wozniak

    Katarzyna Wozniak

    22 timmar sedan

    Revenge is coming

  38. 07ta / sharkbite

    07ta / sharkbite

    22 timmar sedan

    Pause at 3:15 and play

  39. Ali Mohamed

    Ali Mohamed

    22 timmar sedan

    they have great content

  40. Declan Rooney

    Declan Rooney

    22 timmar sedan

    Happy birthday

  41. Michael Alvarado

    Michael Alvarado

    22 timmar sedan

    Best player/best piece control player:Mongraal

  42. Superior


    22 timmar sedan

    Both of their skins from the first game are from lvl 100 season 4 just different chapters, lol XD

  43. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User

    22 timmar sedan

    y u no sidegrade AK

  44. Manish katta

    Manish katta

    22 timmar sedan

    I love it when twins play together in duos

  45. Quinox


    22 timmar sedan

    oh god ooo

  46. Andrea Jose Leon Jara

    Andrea Jose Leon Jara

    22 timmar sedan

    My favourite twin is Jordan

  47. Danielfoxo99


    22 timmar sedan


  48. FutureMaster1329


    22 timmar sedan

    its already 100k hack jordan's account

  49. Nicholas John Gregg

    Nicholas John Gregg

    22 timmar sedan

    Jesses reaction was so fake

  50. Ioman X

    Ioman X

    22 timmar sedan

    Why does everyone I am going for lose

  51. Matin


    22 timmar sedan

    did they killed lachy's brother in the game that's why they hid that name ?

  52. Electric Wolf

    Electric Wolf

    22 timmar sedan

    4:35 and 4:44 he healed 😂😂😂

  53. Rich Cheng

    Rich Cheng

    22 timmar sedan

    Jordan:Ok, his name is not muselk . Me:isn’t it Mitch gamer?

  54. Alfyris


    22 timmar sedan


  55. AM


    22 timmar sedan

    guys the ak is stronger than the scar and the aug but the scar has only faster fire rate but i always take an ak or an aug over the scar cuz they are stronger

  56. Nohemí Rossell

    Nohemí Rossell

    22 timmar sedan

    They gave a point you clix when sway killed someone And you are the best youtubers

  57. Julian Wyman

    Julian Wyman

    22 timmar sedan

    what mouses do you use???

  58. bigb552


    22 timmar sedan

    WOW. Jordan’s so playing on controller

  59. merrrrrr


    22 timmar sedan

    only controller players will know what jordan did wrong

  60. huntyyyboy


    22 timmar sedan

    Jessie .UFOS are the most annoying things of this season While Jordan is in an UFO 😂😂😂😂😂

  61. LucasAllattgaming


    23 timmar sedan

    anyone notice the points thay were the wrong way around.

  62. PyxL XC

    PyxL XC

    23 timmar sedan

    I found one but I didn't know it was rare

  63. Monkey_slays


    23 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one who was like why you wearing a pwr jersey

  64. Trey Lamillo

    Trey Lamillo

    23 timmar sedan

    i mean the vid got 100k likes.

  65. Aɾιαɳɳα Mҽƚȥ

    Aɾιαɳɳα Mҽƚȥ

    23 timmar sedan




    23 timmar sedan


  67. Carter Horsefield

    Carter Horsefield

    23 timmar sedan

    Wen you hit him 39 three times it was117



    23 timmar sedan

    for once i thought jesse will win .I usally think jordan is gonna win cause i think hes way better.

  69. SonA Sharky

    SonA Sharky

    23 timmar sedan

    Could you Maybe try actual controller because u guys only vs each other the same everytime

  70. Bob the cactus

    Bob the cactus

    23 timmar sedan

    It would be really funny if they were doing one of these representative kill races and actually killed the person they were representing

  71. Kykle


    23 timmar sedan

    Mobile against Consle next?

  72. Kelvin Peña

    Kelvin Peña

    23 timmar sedan

    Kelvin bebi

  73. Jayinator


    23 timmar sedan

    Bro why did he blur the name at the end

  74. Evan Wojciechowski

    Evan Wojciechowski

    23 timmar sedan

    I feel like whenever I see somone with a purple or gold ak and nuts and bolts they never realize they can make an og Edit: 7:06 jessie you cheater that was not a piece control

  75. Mohith Kesavan

    Mohith Kesavan

    Dag sedan

    was that eshez u eliminated

  76. Aimbot Turtle

    Aimbot Turtle

    Dag sedan

    Sway VS clix hmm I think I will go for the x2twins

  77. Tyler Her

    Tyler Her

    Dag sedan

    how do you spell X2

  78. Carm


    Dag sedan