LOKI is coming to FORTNITE... just not today! We're setting Thor against him in an attempt to see which is better! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. ImNotHenriGaminG


    Dag sedan

    welcome super man



    3 dagar sedan

    Loki is yellow

  3. Oliver plays

    Oliver plays

    4 dagar sedan

    Thor and Lokie are my kitten's names

  4. Latasha Walker

    Latasha Walker

    4 dagar sedan


  5. Michelle Kung

    Michelle Kung

    5 dagar sedan


  6. Kim Deila

    Kim Deila

    7 dagar sedan

    plz do cat vs dog

  7. Sharpshooter


    7 dagar sedan

    Alternative title : thor vs mystique

  8. DW_Fishy


    10 dagar sedan

    When the X2twins say “if i can guess the skin i get bonus points” what skin do you think of?

  9. Kati Lehtinen

    Kati Lehtinen

    10 dagar sedan

    humans trio vs aliens trio plssss

  10. Amy Varay

    Amy Varay

    12 dagar sedan


  11. princess Zara

    princess Zara

    13 dagar sedan

    Loxi is brothers with thor

  12. Umar Farooq

    Umar Farooq

    14 dagar sedan

    It wasn’t a raven it was ravage

  13. Calv693


    14 dagar sedan

    This concept is fabulous

  14. Brian Coyle

    Brian Coyle

    15 dagar sedan

    They say rainbow loadout but grey isn't in the rainbow

  15. Vlora Vlora

    Vlora Vlora

    15 dagar sedan

    R.I.P for Jesse he hasn't won a single time

  16. Khelsea Atkinson

    Khelsea Atkinson

    15 dagar sedan


  17. Rainz


    15 dagar sedan

    I love how Jordan has 6 spectators at the end who just keep watching and Jessie has 8 who are probably like: wtf is happening

  18. Chayce


    15 dagar sedan


  19. Hmfthedude


    15 dagar sedan

    Jessie is trash my dog could beat you dog water you literally could’ve just jumped down and chop down the build

  20. OV3RDR1V3


    16 dagar sedan

    The mysteque is keep on turning into mysteque because when you shoot someone you lose your disguise simple as that

  21. Taylor Connolly

    Taylor Connolly

    16 dagar sedan

    At the end I couldn't breath,😂😂😂😂

  22. Tiko Jr

    Tiko Jr

    16 dagar sedan

    Mojinor pronunciation I think. Myawl-nir sounds like near.

  23. DARKH


    17 dagar sedan

    Sooo um lowkey lowkey lowkey lowkey lowkey

  24. The Gaming Bro's

    The Gaming Bro's

    17 dagar sedan

    Haha it was ravage

  25. DarkMagician


    17 dagar sedan

    Low key Loki is Loki lit

  26. Mason Smalls

    Mason Smalls

    18 dagar sedan

    I love how they make things up

  27. Rj plays games ,

    Rj plays games ,

    19 dagar sedan

    Hey Hey

  28. BH Zade

    BH Zade

    19 dagar sedan

    Raven raven I’m pretty sure that’s a raven Editor BRUH it’s a ravage

  29. SlixYT


    19 dagar sedan

    It wasn’t John wick it was reaper

  30. PokemonArtist 25

    PokemonArtist 25

    19 dagar sedan

    4:15 don’t mind this-

  31. MASON__XYT


    19 dagar sedan

    It was so funny at the end 1v1

  32. Patrick Wintrip

    Patrick Wintrip

    19 dagar sedan

    No content

  33. Ora-On-Gfuel


    19 dagar sedan

    Thors bonus point should be thunder pumps because he’s the god of thunder

  34. Louis Bracken

    Louis Bracken

    20 dagar sedan

    Loki where’s gold and green

  35. silvana alice

    silvana alice

    20 dagar sedan

    The screeching mosque hopefully mourn because lentil gergely pause among a inexpensive yak. absent, childlike lunchroom

  36. Jennifer Hogston

    Jennifer Hogston

    20 dagar sedan

    They say that it is a bug when he turns into mystique but really what happened is that if you damage someone as a skin when you are mystique you will turn back into mystique

  37. ChickenManGaming11


    20 dagar sedan

    Thor’s bonus should have been thunder pumping because he is god of thunder

  38. Billy Bennison

    Billy Bennison

    20 dagar sedan

    The editor was giving 4/3

  39. Jason Lyles

    Jason Lyles

    20 dagar sedan

    No longer 🤣😆😅😆😅😆😆😆😅

  40. Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    Dasqwerty Qaswerd

    20 dagar sedan

    The horrible show obviously sip because sphynx archaeologically smile next a faint fair brother-in-law. alluring, wrathful barbara

  41. Astro wyd

    Astro wyd

    20 dagar sedan

    Jesus is better.

  42. pierre migone

    pierre migone

    21 dag sedan

    you are the best

  43. Devonte willie

    Devonte willie

    21 dag sedan

    Jordan is way better

  44. Ronan Drage

    Ronan Drage

    21 dag sedan

    Mistique changes back when u deal damage

  45. XXShadowy Death Dude

    XXShadowy Death Dude

    21 dag sedan

    Thor should have blue weapons

  46. cool Keyaan

    cool Keyaan

    21 dag sedan

    Lowkey this was cool

  47. Graves Family

    Graves Family

    21 dag sedan


  48. Kourtney Caligiuri

    Kourtney Caligiuri

    21 dag sedan

    Stupidity near jr

  49. Alessandro Foglia

    Alessandro Foglia

    21 dag sedan

    Jesse you tunderpump is not good! 😡😡

  50. 7GAMING7


    21 dag sedan

    That was 1000 iq jorden you placed a cone thin Jesse died

  51. RööDiS


    21 dag sedan

    I don't understand why Jesse does not take the bonus points. He could have pickaxed people so many times.

  52. Karrar Gamer

    Karrar Gamer

    21 dag sedan

    It's kratos fight thor ending

  53. Vince Onel Clenuar

    Vince Onel Clenuar

    21 dag sedan

    Can you please do supergirl vs superman

  54. Gexko551


    21 dag sedan

    Shout out

  55. Mars


    21 dag sedan

    legit sounded like Jordan said the n word near the end when he said omega

  56. Mr. Sizor

    Mr. Sizor

    21 dag sedan

    The hole video i only hear “HAAAH”

  57. Gary Shearrer

    Gary Shearrer

    21 dag sedan

    Jorden is my favourite

  58. xDarkStef85


    22 dagar sedan

    And like in the movies Loki betrays Thor... Again 10:58

  59. NotZlixz


    22 dagar sedan

    When you do damage with the Mesquite skin it changes back

  60. Wizard Light

    Wizard Light

    22 dagar sedan

    It would be cool if Loki could turn into opponents like mystic, but... this is Epic we’re talking about so.

  61. Comic FitFam

    Comic FitFam

    22 dagar sedan

    Idiot when you hit someone with mystique you change back into the mystique skin

  62. Alishia Kitowska

    Alishia Kitowska

    22 dagar sedan

    Im the god of thunder pumps well you are thor the god of thunder

  63. Trenton Farrow

    Trenton Farrow

    22 dagar sedan

    I hate your loke

  64. op tikoo

    op tikoo

    22 dagar sedan

    It was th reaper not John sick

  65. Frennie Stevens

    Frennie Stevens

    22 dagar sedan

    Batman zero vs comic book bat man

  66. Cxsmlyツ


    22 dagar sedan

    Whenever you hit someone while disguised as someone else you lose your skin

  67. Bryce Hochstein

    Bryce Hochstein

    22 dagar sedan

    dead game

  68. The Lego Master

    The Lego Master

    22 dagar sedan

    Just do this challenge when the real skin comes out

  69. Master SkyGuy

    Master SkyGuy

    22 dagar sedan

    G r o s s

  70. Malak Morgan

    Malak Morgan

    22 dagar sedan

    It’s so funny watching Jordan think he’s right about guessing the skin but he’s wrong😂

  71. Henry O'Kane

    Henry O'Kane

    23 dagar sedan

    what's the music ???

  72. ZexoSzn


    23 dagar sedan

    Krampus is Loki now?

  73. rcshredz


    23 dagar sedan

    today i killed ariel aussault trooper and renegade raider

    • cr7 crazyshot

      cr7 crazyshot

      23 dagar sedan


  74. Abbie Yero-Pryor

    Abbie Yero-Pryor

    23 dagar sedan

    The Loki you made in the thumbnail looks pretty spot on

    • cr7 crazyshot

      cr7 crazyshot

      23 dagar sedan


  75. MadTitan1608


    23 dagar sedan

    X2 twins ( 55 victory royales) me ( haven't had one since the beginning of the season)

  76. Bradley Miner

    Bradley Miner

    23 dagar sedan

    I liked it

  77. Andy Haile

    Andy Haile

    23 dagar sedan

    Can you and jordon coach me at Fortnite my username is Ralph28063665

  78. Lucas Crosse

    Lucas Crosse

    23 dagar sedan

    Loki also wears blue

  79. GrarupGaming


    23 dagar sedan

    jesse have aimbot he is a big noob loser loser

  80. Cristina Giotto

    Cristina Giotto

    23 dagar sedan


  81. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    23 dagar sedan

    Jordan actually sounds like Loki at the end 11:02

  82. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight

    23 dagar sedan

    Loki laughing because he beat Thor 11:02😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  83. Dominic Ssciarabba

    Dominic Ssciarabba

    23 dagar sedan

    Do an og challlenge like random skin or 1 house

  84. HumanoidOrca500


    23 dagar sedan

    3:55 zero default!?!?

  85. possuna gt

    possuna gt

    23 dagar sedan

    Basket Ball vs foot ball

  86. urmumwhale 21

    urmumwhale 21

    23 dagar sedan

    The name of the pickaxe is actually. Jhonathan

  87. 卐 Maizee卐

    卐 Maizee卐

    23 dagar sedan

    6:14 Jesse had Bush Aimbot cus its Literally NOWAY he just Hit him thru the bush acting like Nothing happened

  88. Epic Shadow Boi

    Epic Shadow Boi

    23 dagar sedan

    Jordan always gets the better challenge that's easier

  89. vince marcelino

    vince marcelino

    23 dagar sedan

    can you do next hulk vs she hulk i will like that :)

  90. Jram _1127

    Jram _1127

    23 dagar sedan

    This dude said chick with the pink hair

  91. Karito Criollo Escalante

    Karito Criollo Escalante

    23 dagar sedan


  92. Ernesto Hernandez

    Ernesto Hernandez

    23 dagar sedan

    Good video

  93. Legendary StuartLittle

    Legendary StuartLittle

    23 dagar sedan


  94. Kostas Matsios

    Kostas Matsios

    23 dagar sedan

    What a clickbait

  95. Emanuel Pop

    Emanuel Pop

    23 dagar sedan


  96. Mostafa Yasser

    Mostafa Yasser

    23 dagar sedan


  97. John Widmeier

    John Widmeier

    23 dagar sedan

    Hen you hit the. It changes



    23 dagar sedan

    That ending was hilarious 🤣

    • Epik Astro

      Epik Astro

      7 timmar sedan

      @Cool pro tysm

    • Cool pro

      Cool pro

      23 timmar sedan

      @Epik Astro yay I sub

    • Epik Astro

      Epik Astro

      2 dagar sedan

      @BrothersOfDestruction25 tysm

    • Jake Peacoxk

      Jake Peacoxk

      6 dagar sedan


    • Ripken


      8 dagar sedan

      I love your Channel you of my favourite SE-one

  99. sweaty Aggelos

    sweaty Aggelos

    23 dagar sedan

    Why do you play with bots

  100. Milani Rodriguez

    Milani Rodriguez

    23 dagar sedan

    loki Jordan is better than Jesse