Unlocking *BEAST BOY* EARLY in Fortnite (Teen Titan Cup)

Today we PLACED in the Beast Boy Cup! We're became bow gods and absolutely popped off earning ourselves the Beast Boy skin! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Krisztina Watt

    Krisztina Watt

    21 dag sedan

    All you hear is 80

  2. SheepStar


    22 dagar sedan


  3. Vortex


    28 dagar sedan

    Did Anyone see he knock nick a 30

  4. 3x clapzz

    3x clapzz

    29 dagar sedan


  5. 3x clapzz

    3x clapzz

    29 dagar sedan

    I US x2twins

  6. Zeqra BW

    Zeqra BW

    Månad sedan


  7. Jayden Floyd

    Jayden Floyd

    Månad sedan

    My name is jayman 13913 on fortnite

  8. H5X_Baker904


    Månad sedan

    only thing jordan can say, 80, or dead

  9. CeeqR


    Månad sedan

    was this a bow montage?😂

  10. jcKaneS


    Månad sedan

    kann you speak germen

  11. Shadae Beckford

    Shadae Beckford

    Månad sedan

    Really my guy this video is all about you guys do in the cup not you doing the chat no no no no the challenge no thank you



    Månad sedan

    Add me i have the skin i had buy it

  13. Nikola Dinev

    Nikola Dinev

    Månad sedan

    I am wondering which wrap jordan used does somebody know?

  14. Martha Hargrove

    Martha Hargrove

    Månad sedan


  15. aeznyc


    Månad sedan

    POV: you havent seen the dun in 4 years

  16. Lhord Balismon

    Lhord Balismon

    Månad sedan

    The guiltless fedelini tellingly level because market peripherally breathe forenenst a one loaf. combative, questionable begonia

  17. Pro Franklin

    Pro Franklin

    Månad sedan

    Nice 1:49 Number of people

  18. Youtube Esko

    Youtube Esko

    Månad sedan


  19. RNDz Toko

    RNDz Toko

    Månad sedan

    what mouse does jordan have?

  20. Savas Delasoudas

    Savas Delasoudas

    Månad sedan

    Such a good aim

  21. Muhammad Shafi

    Muhammad Shafi

    Månad sedan

    So many 212

  22. Abdul Destroyer

    Abdul Destroyer

    Månad sedan

    You have aim bot

  23. Felicia Aversano

    Felicia Aversano

    Månad sedan

    lo sai che miai uciso quindi non ti seguo piu

  24. fortnite pucer 6 lol

    fortnite pucer 6 lol

    Månad sedan

    I'm sad that they swear :C

  25. Kirsten Mearns

    Kirsten Mearns

    Månad sedan

    he,s a god

  26. Kirsten Mearns

    Kirsten Mearns

    Månad sedan


  27. No name

    No name

    Månad sedan

    So where is the beast boy ?

  28. emilie og leon

    emilie og leon

    Månad sedan

    a got best boy in the turnemin

  29. Taiyeb Ebrahim

    Taiyeb Ebrahim

    Månad sedan

    1:13 what was that laugh

  30. Lynda Campbell

    Lynda Campbell

    Månad sedan

    At 3:47 jorden went tired mode

  31. Orrin Dell

    Orrin Dell

    Månad sedan

    1:45 he

  32. zombieapoculipse


    Månad sedan

    is it just me or does Jesse sound diffrent

  33. Carmen McFarlane

    Carmen McFarlane

    Månad sedan

    You inspire me

  34. Zeek Dupree

    Zeek Dupree

    Månad sedan

    How do you get beast boy

  35. Eden Mulholland

    Eden Mulholland

    Månad sedan

    Fortnite s gay why do you still play it

  36. Ziyoda's Toys

    Ziyoda's Toys

    Månad sedan

    Les Go

  37. Paola Bassi

    Paola Bassi

    Månad sedan

    U guys are so good I wish I was like u

  38. Alfyris


    Månad sedan

    Beast twins

  39. Uzma Ali

    Uzma Ali

    Månad sedan

    80 every bow

  40. maryam haghi

    maryam haghi

    Månad sedan

    we were 3 points away 😞

  41. Splash Brick

    Splash Brick

    Månad sedan

    this is how many times jordan said "80" ↓

  42. Mr. Frog

    Mr. Frog

    Månad sedan

    I love beast boys pickaxe

  43. Klaus Friis Mikkelsen

    Klaus Friis Mikkelsen

    Månad sedan


  44. bobcat3356


    Månad sedan

    My friend Jordan he is taken and he is cracked at fortnite my guy uhhhhh

  45. Scrip Shorts

    Scrip Shorts

    Månad sedan

    Könnt ihr meine sprache lesen

  46. Ezekiel Tube

    Ezekiel Tube

    Månad sedan

    Jordan vs takened who's the best bow player

  47. ChuckyFanatic10


    Månad sedan


  48. Sameera Riaz

    Sameera Riaz

    Månad sedan

    me- *proud I hit somebody mid-air* X2twins- Hits perfect shots



    Månad sedan

    German skin is right ;)

  50. Marie Turley

    Marie Turley

    Månad sedan

    All i could hear for like half the video was "cracked" and "eight five"

  51. Dreax


    Månad sedan

    make a teen titans kill race. raven vs beast boy

  52. Maciexx


    Månad sedan

    Serious 57 points in first game?

  53. XxJazzy craftxX

    XxJazzy craftxX

    Månad sedan

    Please don't say bad words please

  54. Pepa Hnevkovsky

    Pepa Hnevkovsky

    Månad sedan

    like video

  55. Rosella Roux

    Rosella Roux

    Månad sedan


  56. Aarongedamu Girma

    Aarongedamu Girma

    Månad sedan


  57. RNGTTV


    Månad sedan

    all I her 85

  58. Potix


    Månad sedan


  59. alexandre pellé

    alexandre pellé

    Månad sedan

    8:10 0iq🤣😂😂

  60. Oliver Schapekahm

    Oliver Schapekahm

    Månad sedan

    Can anyone get the skin?

  61. Vincent Lewis

    Vincent Lewis

    Månad sedan

    Jordan: 80....80.....80......80...212....80....80......80

  62. Maloo Motorsports’s

    Maloo Motorsports’s

    Månad sedan

    Famous quote off Jordan:80, 80, 80, dead, 80, 80, 80, dead

  63. Steven Gabriel

    Steven Gabriel

    Månad sedan

    why people said that they have aim bot? they do? idu.

  64. Agent GG

    Agent GG

    Månad sedan

    Teach me pls 🙏

  65. AF-K1NG


    Månad sedan

    They should do beast boy gorilla form vs bigfoot

  66. Saba Ali

    Saba Ali

    Månad sedan

    I wish the x twins can play with me someday I only have 3 wins all together

    • Saba Ali

      Saba Ali

      Månad sedan

      And my username is eshaamhd;( am sad that I don’t have that much wins

  67. Kavina Rajcoomar

    Kavina Rajcoomar

    Månad sedan

    How u got aim bot

  68. kuto


    Månad sedan

    4:41 i'm famous mum, get the camera

  69. KidX


    Månad sedan

    My friends say this have aimbot with bows well seeing this you are god with them

  70. Aaraf Salim

    Aaraf Salim

    Månad sedan


  71. Anthony Mack

    Anthony Mack

    Månad sedan

    Beast boy looks trash

  72. GaME2pLaY


    Månad sedan

    2 words: 80,dead

  73. 乂Krisztiann


    Månad sedan

    Hi broo you headshot bowd with my friend

  74. Lil Jibjab

    Lil Jibjab

    Månad sedan

    Yo What up

  75. Justin BeeBer

    Justin BeeBer

    Månad sedan

    *Taggs him 10* - 60 on him.

  76. Swirly Lollipop

    Swirly Lollipop

    Månad sedan

    am i the only one who heard keyboard spamming? 🤔

  77. Mauricio Oliva Cruz

    Mauricio Oliva Cruz

    Månad sedan


  78. Danzy cracked

    Danzy cracked

    Månad sedan

    Use cracked at fortnite my guy

  79. SB Clan

    SB Clan

    Månad sedan

    These are the type of guys that cry when they get only a 20 kill win, not a 30 bomb

  80. Wesley Meus

    Wesley Meus

    Månad sedan

    You should do Godzilla vs Kong using beast boy and the season X monster skin.

  81. 15615javad BZ

    15615javad BZ

    Månad sedan

    You guys basicly have aimbot👍

  82. Content Trio

    Content Trio

    Månad sedan

    i dint see jesse playing

  83. بلال الملكي

    بلال الملكي

    Månad sedan

    Monkey D, beast

  84. Alex Leaks

    Alex Leaks

    Månad sedan

    Are you seriously using aimbot 😐

  85. zion mcdowall

    zion mcdowall

    Månad sedan

    80 80 80 80 80

  86. Andrew Brakebush

    Andrew Brakebush

    Månad sedan

    You guys are aimbotters

  87. de boss splatty

    de boss splatty

    Månad sedan

    you 2 are the best fortnite duo

  88. Xflxxm Xl

    Xflxxm Xl

    Månad sedan

    Got the wall got the cone ded

  89. TPanda517


    Månad sedan

    Me and my friend got 113 points

  90. Ali Sadri

    Ali Sadri

    Månad sedan

    all i hear is 85 85 85 85 85 85 85 85

  91. E3 Dripz

    E3 Dripz

    Månad sedan

    lol epic

  92. GRA


    Månad sedan

    A facut mitzuu mai mult decât ei Sau poate cât ei

  93. AntArmy


    Månad sedan

    Even when they don't have not lobbies they are still great at the game good job x2twins

  94. Saalik Khan

    Saalik Khan

    Månad sedan

    Jessies a girl name idiot

  95. Saalik Khan

    Saalik Khan

    Månad sedan

    You suck at fortnite

  96. Otaku with Glasses

    Otaku with Glasses

    Månad sedan

    Montage of saying 80 lol

  97. Muad Amin

    Muad Amin

    Månad sedan


  98. Ekam84 - BS

    Ekam84 - BS

    Månad sedan

    Reminds me of FRESHES video

  99. BeastSlayer


    Månad sedan

    Can you give me a shout out

  100. DoubleC Journey

    DoubleC Journey

    Månad sedan

    Your so btw am a boy