GOLD WEEK IS HERE (Secret Update)

The FINAL Wild Week is here... and its GOLD WEEK! We'll be obtaining the god loadout... thanks to the new cheapers prices! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Margaret Colquhoun

    Margaret Colquhoun

    7 dagar sedan

    Fotnite adults get a job

  2. Momin Naqvi

    Momin Naqvi

    8 dagar sedan


  3. Gamer Zett3

    Gamer Zett3

    10 dagar sedan


  4. Owen Mcgee

    Owen Mcgee

    10 dagar sedan

    Why did I get this 6 days late

  5. Heather M

    Heather M

    12 dagar sedan

    they do

  6. sakhile lekhuleni

    sakhile lekhuleni

    13 dagar sedan

    You guys are so good

  7. Malachi Allen

    Malachi Allen

    14 dagar sedan

    i thought thay said sub if your a noob me subs instaly

  8. Captainrex394


    14 dagar sedan

    Fun Fact tarana and Raz are siblings

  9. Elijah Miller

    Elijah Miller

    14 dagar sedan

    Me who still has 5k gold: 😏

  10. Linne V

    Linne V

    14 dagar sedan

    Did you guys move? The room isn't the same.

  11. Juan Romero

    Juan Romero

    14 dagar sedan

    I got a gold scar from an mpc in area

  12. Jamey Mulder

    Jamey Mulder

    14 dagar sedan


  13. Omar Khalifa

    Omar Khalifa

    14 dagar sedan

    Is it weird that I still have 5000 gold

  14. Dylan Walkey

    Dylan Walkey

    15 dagar sedan

    Play Minecraft

  15. zaydolas


    15 dagar sedan

    they used music from rocket league and splatoon

  16. Player !!!!

    Player !!!!

    15 dagar sedan

    Fortnite Kid🤢s🖕

  17. Its Met2Z

    Its Met2Z

    15 dagar sedan

    Gold restarts each season?

  18. Korean Gamja

    Korean Gamja

    15 dagar sedan

    I have 4800 gold want some

  19. Art Himwksjw

    Art Himwksjw

    15 dagar sedan

    What about shadow tracker

  20. KAN3Y_BOY


    15 dagar sedan

    Your my fave rite Keep working hard

  21. Tukutaki Gamez

    Tukutaki Gamez

    15 dagar sedan

    They took down the poster

  22. Ewan G

    Ewan G

    15 dagar sedan

    Shut up Jordan everyone thinks Jesse is better u just bullying him

  23. düly


    15 dagar sedan

    They forgot the silence pistol

  24. Faris Abu Ata

    Faris Abu Ata

    15 dagar sedan

    You guys are my favorite youtubers

  25. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis

    15 dagar sedan

    U killed me in this vid u THUNDER PUMPED me

  26. invictus_ivanoxxx


    16 dagar sedan

    X2twins i din't buy levels an im 206 lvl

  27. Diana Bassett

    Diana Bassett

    16 dagar sedan

    Your. Content is amazing

  28. Leidy Mariana Moreno Lasso

    Leidy Mariana Moreno Lasso

    16 dagar sedan

    wei no se ingles que hago acá ?

  29. Kavar Pikolo

    Kavar Pikolo

    16 dagar sedan

    Hi Jordan and Jessie i came back from the hospital bc i broke my arm but im ok now

  30. Ro’s Gaming

    Ro’s Gaming

    16 dagar sedan

    so many AIs

  31. CaptainPizza


    16 dagar sedan

    ohhh minis

  32. Tucker Arizzi

    Tucker Arizzi

    16 dagar sedan

    And I use soft aim hehe

  33. Tucker Arizzi

    Tucker Arizzi

    16 dagar sedan

    I made human aimbot settings

  34. Dillan Dennis

    Dillan Dennis

    16 dagar sedan

    The future futuristic glockenspiel especially agree because menu fortunately load amidst a vivacious hour. cloudy, angry volcano

  35. Somewhat Vex

    Somewhat Vex

    16 dagar sedan

    dub shotgun?

  36. Fox gaming

    Fox gaming

    16 dagar sedan


  37. Moni Riaz

    Moni Riaz

    16 dagar sedan

    X2 twins :its gold day Me who just got gold pump from noc in arena

  38. Elias J A Valkokivi

    Elias J A Valkokivi

    16 dagar sedan

    1v1 bots

  39. Flxey _

    Flxey _

    16 dagar sedan

    Bro I literally just got Max gold

  40. misael odales

    misael odales

    16 dagar sedan

    do you use edit on release it is really useful



    16 dagar sedan

    The fact that we a it talking about the x2 twins sign 🪧 lol

  42. Guglielmo Ballati

    Guglielmo Ballati

    16 dagar sedan

    I've just seen a Glitch king's video that it's been load 23 minutes ago and your video is been load 23 hours ago ... Ok



    16 dagar sedan


  44. Bryan Santellanes

    Bryan Santellanes

    16 dagar sedan


  45. Alfyris


    16 dagar sedan


  46. Janice Deili

    Janice Deili

    16 dagar sedan

    It is great

  47. FelipeTheFish21


    16 dagar sedan

    I just saw that Jesse got 8th place in FNCS... WOW

  48. Dogsfreakout


    16 dagar sedan

    I was on 5000 now I’m on 20 so I’m broke give me some likes for69 years of good look

  49. Zak Mcdonagh

    Zak Mcdonagh

    16 dagar sedan

    I watched this wen it was made 15 minutes

  50. Juliet taamale

    Juliet taamale

    16 dagar sedan

    Oo la la

  51. William Somers

    William Somers

    16 dagar sedan

    You killed me

  52. use code alty11

    use code alty11

    16 dagar sedan

    Can you do new soccer skins vs old soccer skins 😌

  53. A6TR0


    16 dagar sedan

    Jordan: Little defaulty boi Me: New name for defaults.

  54. 1SaltyArrow


    16 dagar sedan

    Hey x2 do a deathstroke vs Deadpool

  55. Steve Watson

    Steve Watson

    16 dagar sedan


  56. Manish Malhotra

    Manish Malhotra

    16 dagar sedan

    Do snake eyes vs Captain marvel bonus points for snake eyes is any katana kills and for captain marvel any gas can kills

  57. BIG BOB


    16 dagar sedan

    Do they know upgrading isn’t half off...

  58. Froztyy VFX

    Froztyy VFX

    16 dagar sedan

    day 35 of getting famous off of youtube comments so i can be living the dream later 😊❤️

  59. T


    16 dagar sedan

    It’s not a secret update, lmao

  60. Galaxygamer_420


    16 dagar sedan

    Matchmaking is broke your lobby full of bots and my full of sweats

  61. Harsh Mahashabde

    Harsh Mahashabde

    16 dagar sedan

    7:13 You missed a bunker chest !

  62. xeanify


    16 dagar sedan

    7:13 HE MISSED THE GOD CHEST !!!!!!!!!!

  63. ErIc PaNiCk

    ErIc PaNiCk

    16 dagar sedan


  64. KingDeep


    16 dagar sedan

    Love the mouse mats

  65. Detective llama

    Detective llama

    16 dagar sedan

    It’s not a secret update dummy

  66. Gereshshen


    16 dagar sedan


  67. Elvira Gjers

    Elvira Gjers

    16 dagar sedan

    Wanna play trios together?

  68. tristanarthur arthur

    tristanarthur arthur

    16 dagar sedan

    jordan; i just got rammed by optimis prime

  69. Thunder


    16 dagar sedan

    Do only gas station loot please

  70. Adam Amgad

    Adam Amgad

    16 dagar sedan

    I have been watching them since x2 twins playground #2

  71. Melissa Gray

    Melissa Gray

    16 dagar sedan

    Can you pls do renegade raider vs recon expert

  72. Çağrı Alp Turunç

    Çağrı Alp Turunç

    16 dagar sedan

    Harley quinn vs catwonan

  73. Brightnite


    16 dagar sedan


  74. Hashim Ahmad Minhas

    Hashim Ahmad Minhas

    16 dagar sedan


  75. TTGoaltending


    16 dagar sedan

    You're best In world

  76. slayer 8602

    slayer 8602

    16 dagar sedan

    when is your next fashion show

  77. Xici_Fn


    16 dagar sedan

    where diid the X2 neon light in the bak go

  78. Eag_man


    16 dagar sedan

    Did anyone else hear Jesse make a Mickey Mouse laugh

  79. Siren walkers

    Siren walkers

    16 dagar sedan

    I love the X2Twins

  80. Jayce Wolf

    Jayce Wolf

    16 dagar sedan

    My birthday is on june 8

  81. afrah elgamari

    afrah elgamari

    16 dagar sedan


  82. afrah elgamari

    afrah elgamari

    16 dagar sedan


  83. R 5

    R 5

    16 dagar sedan

    Where did the LED'S go?

  84. julian gumpenberger

    julian gumpenberger

    16 dagar sedan


  85. Adam C

    Adam C

    16 dagar sedan

    I died when Jordan shot the truck 😂😂💀💀

  86. Ismaeel Mohammed

    Ismaeel Mohammed

    16 dagar sedan

    I want a sniper wild week

  87. Mihir Misra

    Mihir Misra

    16 dagar sedan

    You failed the challenge btw.. no glitch bow…

  88. kristin gee

    kristin gee

    16 dagar sedan

    Coupon check

  89. Simon Kjærgaard Trinderup

    Simon Kjærgaard Trinderup

    16 dagar sedan

    Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment total 0

  90. chonk luvs u ツ

    chonk luvs u ツ

    16 dagar sedan

    nooo wheres the x2 in the background?? 😱

  91. xd refunded

    xd refunded

    16 dagar sedan

    only exotics are half off this week

  92. Daniel Langley

    Daniel Langley

    16 dagar sedan


  93. Bailey EU

    Bailey EU

    16 dagar sedan

    5:20 7 year olds be like he said a naughty word

  94. Arcade Fred

    Arcade Fred

    16 dagar sedan

    6:05 the pump did 69 damage!

  95. Stefano Dwayne Cueva

    Stefano Dwayne Cueva

    16 dagar sedan

    Ayeeeeeee the boys always winnnnnnnnn

  96. Mohamad Wehbe

    Mohamad Wehbe

    16 dagar sedan


  97. Goyam Jain

    Goyam Jain

    16 dagar sedan

    Looks like the x2 got a discount of ÷2 today 😂

  98. Liljrdallas Btw

    Liljrdallas Btw

    16 dagar sedan

    Me there so cracked i watch old vids when there’s no new ones

  99. Taneli Mattila

    Taneli Mattila

    16 dagar sedan

    Why is jesse eating gold?

  100. Lynn Hearn

    Lynn Hearn

    16 dagar sedan

    Can I have a shout out