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  1. curtis Johnson

    curtis Johnson

    Dag sedan

    :POV u saw my comment

  2. Paul Burgener

    Paul Burgener

    2 dagar sedan

    Ufo= op

  3. CakeBakeMakeCreate


    2 dagar sedan


  4. Talon White✔

    Talon White✔

    6 dagar sedan


  5. jab335


    7 dagar sedan

    I was in the same game lol

  6. Green_dragon_132 Backman

    Green_dragon_132 Backman

    8 dagar sedan

    retail row more like retail no

  7. selfgoing


    9 dagar sedan

    I want them vulted

  8. Nicola Whitehead

    Nicola Whitehead

    9 dagar sedan

    And in your intro because we’re kind of getting tired of it but I still love your videos



    9 dagar sedan

    the x2twins logo on the wall left the chat

  10. Luka010


    9 dagar sedan

    You’re wrong it’s football not soccer I unsubbed

  11. Benzley Disley

    Benzley Disley

    9 dagar sedan

    For me that's every day

  12. Ana Savic

    Ana Savic

    9 dagar sedan

    Jordan can u accept my friend request my name is ToniSpidermanX

  13. Athul Red Star

    Athul Red Star

    9 dagar sedan

    Jordan.. 1v1 freshy boi💚

  14. Kade Mohamed

    Kade Mohamed

    9 dagar sedan

    Imagine ufos and the rail gun in competitive

  15. Baka


    9 dagar sedan

    It’s funny that Jordan always wears his skin but Jesse never does

  16. Caben Master

    Caben Master

    9 dagar sedan

    I got killed. Bye ufos again and again and again but then I used one then, I was like oh that makes sence

  17. Berno fn

    Berno fn

    9 dagar sedan

    Mechs 2.0

  18. HyperPlayz


    9 dagar sedan

    Title: we broke season seven Me: that was fast 😂

  19. konstantinos KostasMinas

    konstantinos KostasMinas

    9 dagar sedan


  20. Sunshine Gaming

    Sunshine Gaming

    9 dagar sedan

    Yet people into the storm with them

  21. Alfyris


    9 dagar sedan

    Its balanced

  22. Dior Selmani

    Dior Selmani

    9 dagar sedan

    Im new

  23. Jackson Gove

    Jackson Gove

    9 dagar sedan

    2:56 when the world ends like

  24. Tjdooly


    9 dagar sedan

    6:25 Could you go in the bus and then get lifted by the UFO

  25. Ole Gunnar Solskjær

    Ole Gunnar Solskjær

    9 dagar sedan

    And they this season isn’t op

  26. LiL Foxy Playz

    LiL Foxy Playz

    9 dagar sedan

    Ufos are so broken I was playing solos and it was a top 4 situation and everyone but me had ufos and they were hard spamming me and each other. I can’t get a dub when freaking ufos are hard spamming in final circle

  27. Joseph Breda

    Joseph Breda

    9 dagar sedan

    How the f*ck do all of their shots hit the ufos, when I shoot at them, my bullets go through them... WTF!

  28. Mateo Martinez

    Mateo Martinez

    9 dagar sedan

    Or a skin

  29. Mateo Martinez

    Mateo Martinez

    9 dagar sedan

    So x2 twins me and my brother get bullied for not having skins can u get us the the battle pass

  30. Leah and lai

    Leah and lai

    10 dagar sedan


  31. Sunne


    10 dagar sedan

    “We broke ufos” No epic broke ufos

  32. Arrow on PC

    Arrow on PC

    10 dagar sedan

    You guys should do a ufo 1v1 for the last fight

  33. galapoxy


    10 dagar sedan

    Do supply drop only loot with the new mass supply drop with 1250gold

  34. Rydz The best

    Rydz The best

    10 dagar sedan

    You killed me with the UFO

  35. Dwain Bell

    Dwain Bell

    10 dagar sedan

    Or I guard loot only

  36. Dwain Bell

    Dwain Bell

    10 dagar sedan

    Try and get the most skills in one game

  37. discaled


    10 dagar sedan

    Imagine what they could do in a custom game of team rumble



    10 dagar sedan

    Love from INDIA

  39. 𝔾𝕣𝕚𝕞


    10 dagar sedan

    this is the broken duo.

  40. Mohd shuja Vines

    Mohd shuja Vines

    10 dagar sedan

    So they got their room's color changed

  41. Salar Hajar

    Salar Hajar

    10 dagar sedan

    Do a 1v1

  42. Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis

    10 dagar sedan

    NOOOOOO now they're gonna disable ufos

  43. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    10 dagar sedan

    Hey x2twins u should do death shrok vs Batman and super man wen he comes out



    10 dagar sedan

    4:42 Fly across the country (BOP-DaBaby)

  45. Jarren Spears

    Jarren Spears

    10 dagar sedan

    6:54 livin on a prayer

  46. Fish Not apple

    Fish Not apple

    10 dagar sedan

    I used only one ufo and got the dub

  47.  Fortnite live

    Fortnite live

    10 dagar sedan

    good game



    10 dagar sedan

    Video idea: ufo vs cars

  49. Natalie Brien

    Natalie Brien

    10 dagar sedan

    I did this in solo

  50. Adrix


    10 dagar sedan

    Pely patrol with UFO-s!!!!!!!!

  51. Edward Smith

    Edward Smith

    10 dagar sedan

    UFO need A NERF

  52. asher kessler

    asher kessler

    10 dagar sedan

    background is so clean

  53. NvR Lost

    NvR Lost

    10 dagar sedan

    UFOs are the new mechs

  54. Manuel Vazquez Marcos

    Manuel Vazquez Marcos

    10 dagar sedan

    you are brother, no???

  55. Joshua Wattam

    Joshua Wattam

    10 dagar sedan

    Wait a minute... Did they actually see my earnings joke yesterday? Jordan actually bought the whole battle pass now...

  56. stereotypical


    10 dagar sedan

    idea for a video io vs ailens io has io loot only can only use io cars for mobilaty ailens have ailen loot only ailens can usse ufos for mobilaty

  57. Toby Jones

    Toby Jones

    10 dagar sedan

    I genuinely feel sorry for the enemy players

  58. olga martinez

    olga martinez

    10 dagar sedan

    Do Superman vs Batman kill race

  59. Adrian Declet

    Adrian Declet

    10 dagar sedan

    hm im love this vidoe bro

  60. GamingKingJosh


    10 dagar sedan

    video idea : try abducting the entire lobby and throw them into storm and win the game that way

  61. Fv family fan 1

    Fv family fan 1

    10 dagar sedan

    What sup

  62. SVG


    10 dagar sedan

    do a doctor slone vs agent Jonesy kill race please

  63. syed thaqif

    syed thaqif

    10 dagar sedan

    I win fortnite 5 gema use ufo

  64. Noah's flamingo

    Noah's flamingo

    10 dagar sedan

    Next vid should be we only killed people by throwing the into storm with ufos

  65. Random stuff

    Random stuff

    10 dagar sedan

    Sheeee your goated

  66. Element g4mer

    Element g4mer

    10 dagar sedan

    Why did u remove X2 in the background

  67. non Azka

    non Azka

    10 dagar sedan

    The new gaming setup?

  68. LEGO 4 LIFE


    10 dagar sedan

    Who else found them then start watching them daily

  69. lil mcreamy

    lil mcreamy

    10 dagar sedan

    I got two wins with a ufo launching people into storm

  70. DMR YT

    DMR YT

    10 dagar sedan

    This is just like when the robots were a thing

  71. Demi gamez

    Demi gamez

    10 dagar sedan

    jordan this is not good

  72. ChatosJD


    10 dagar sedan

    The ufo are just flying brutes

  73. Khusshal Ghosh

    Khusshal Ghosh

    10 dagar sedan

    someone just stole the title from lazarbeam

  74. Jonathan Flores

    Jonathan Flores

    10 dagar sedan

    They aren't broken, just fun

  75. Ambrosius Lee

    Ambrosius Lee

    10 dagar sedan

    I discovered that ufo blaster can make Lammas fly

  76. rqvertfishy


    10 dagar sedan

    I still can’t get a win because of this

  77. M-H Gamer

    M-H Gamer

    10 dagar sedan

    And people still saying it's a good season!!!!!

  78. Aimbot Clan

    Aimbot Clan

    10 dagar sedan

    arena is gonna be so bad with these ufos

  79. Abdur Raqeeb

    Abdur Raqeeb

    10 dagar sedan

    It is like the mechs all over

  80. Vision


    10 dagar sedan

    New set up 🙂 nice

  81. 1234 5678

    1234 5678

    10 dagar sedan

    I was in your game Jesse killed me in retail

  82. Puglo


    10 dagar sedan

    We can no longer crank 90s

  83. Kxmo


    10 dagar sedan

    Ayyyy they got it right this time, lol

  84. sp00n 12

    sp00n 12

    10 dagar sedan

    mech bback



    10 dagar sedan

    I wish the person who are reading this comment may your parents alive for many years. Love you all ❤️

  86. Ryan Worsnip

    Ryan Worsnip

    10 dagar sedan

    2 weeks later ufos get banned

  87. Alric Julian09

    Alric Julian09

    10 dagar sedan

    Whole video Shadow clone Jutsu and rasengan

  88. Mackenzie Isaacs

    Mackenzie Isaacs

    10 dagar sedan

    When Loki comes do a kill race Loki vs Thor

  89. Professor


    10 dagar sedan

    hollup...what's up with their setup..wasn't it different before ???

  90. Harrison Thorn

    Harrison Thorn

    10 dagar sedan

    jordan:ufos are a bit brocken computer:HELP

  91. Wanda Khambule

    Wanda Khambule

    10 dagar sedan

    UFO's are so broken and rail gun

  92. nadi tabet

    nadi tabet

    10 dagar sedan


  93. nadi tabet

    nadi tabet

    10 dagar sedan

    I already use it

  94. nadi tabet

    nadi tabet

    10 dagar sedan

    Use code x2 twins

  95. Anime smile edits

    Anime smile edits

    10 dagar sedan

    Bro like when it was Monday some one was in a ufo then he was spamming me then karma happened

  96. happymantom


    10 dagar sedan

    Do a hole lobby with ufos

  97. Minahil Fatima

    Minahil Fatima

    10 dagar sedan

    Jordan and jese I really love you

  98. Rosella Roux

    Rosella Roux

    10 dagar sedan

    it likes fun

  99. Ilia Pariman

    Ilia Pariman

    10 dagar sedan

    Me:report SE-one:why Me: bullying people with ufo

  100. Sree Keerthi Koilkandadai

    Sree Keerthi Koilkandadai

    10 dagar sedan

    Jesse and Jordan I have a new thunder pump strat. When you pick your teammate up with the UFO and drop them from a very high place the teammate doesn't take fall damage, this might be so cool, will be waiting for content on this strat. GLHF