SUPERMAN OR SPIDERMAN... which is better in an All Important x2Twin Kill Race! Well trust us when we say this was closer than it should've been! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Jyft


    3 dagar sedan

    Little did they know that super is in Fortnite in season 7

  2. Flexy Phantom

    Flexy Phantom

    7 dagar sedan

    Who thought that superman came

  3. Naheed Zulfiqar

    Naheed Zulfiqar

    9 dagar sedan

    Now we have superman im fortnite

  4. paullevin77


    9 dagar sedan

    Superman cheated

  5. SHX MMG


    10 dagar sedan

    Funny thing superman in the game nnoowwwlol

  6. Chuck E Cheese and Wiggles fan

    Chuck E Cheese and Wiggles fan

    10 dagar sedan

    I like both Superman and Spider-Man.

  7. El Tito Doda 21

    El Tito Doda 21

    11 dagar sedan


  8. El Tito Doda 21

    El Tito Doda 21

    11 dagar sedan

    Superman Is here un season 7 va Batman

  9. MinPlaysYT


    11 dagar sedan

    The fact that Superman is in the game now is just trilling

  10. Anay Misra

    Anay Misra

    12 dagar sedan


  11. Kira Charles

    Kira Charles

    13 dagar sedan

    i like spider man

  12. 6open_on_vibes


    14 dagar sedan

    Spider man and super men from wish

  13. Neonwolf


    16 dagar sedan

    Who else thought spider-man was released

  14. Kayan makari

    Kayan makari

    18 dagar sedan


  15. silvana alice

    silvana alice

    21 dag sedan

    The chunky drill socioeconomically own because treatment intraspecifically desert regarding a mixed knee. yummy, oceanic coil

  16. Fearless


    22 dagar sedan

    Jessie saying that spider mans the best but Jordan aka superman is popping of

  17. Fearless


    22 dagar sedan

    Me: wow how did they get the spider man and superman they are all DC series Jordan: just killed the flash

    • Fearless


      22 dagar sedan

      Lol I thought that superman was the most botiest skin

  18. Mr. Arrow

    Mr. Arrow

    22 dagar sedan

    Im pretty sure superman vision is a thing aka xray vision

  19. Divirtin


    22 dagar sedan

    Y u always clickbaiting

  20. C1xtch


    22 dagar sedan

    Jordan that was sad

  21. Danger Gaming Unmarked

    Danger Gaming Unmarked

    22 dagar sedan

    Superman is better

  22. Corny gamer

    Corny gamer

    23 dagar sedan

    You are chaeter

  23. Spidez


    24 dagar sedan

    X2 twins every time I’m bored I watch you and I really like your content. You make my day

  24. TJ


    24 dagar sedan

    When u run out of ideas😂

  25. My cat

    My cat

    24 dagar sedan

    I think Jordan is better

  26. Fi6


    25 dagar sedan

    Awesome thumbnail

  27. Aidan A

    Aidan A

    25 dagar sedan

    Me: mum can we watch Spiderman vs Superman Mum: We have it at home The fight:

  28. Elijah Barrientos

    Elijah Barrientos

    25 dagar sedan

    You guys should play knock out city its a fun game

  29. Immortal sequence父

    Immortal sequence父

    25 dagar sedan


  30. Elias Lang

    Elias Lang

    25 dagar sedan

    love the idea

  31. Jaiden Phillips-Corder

    Jaiden Phillips-Corder

    25 dagar sedan

    I don’t think spider-man and super-man kill people

  32. The King Manuel

    The King Manuel

    25 dagar sedan

    Jordan is bad

  33. Agony


    26 dagar sedan


  34. Leviroardeux


    26 dagar sedan

    I use spidey senses on a daily basis

  35. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph Garcia

    26 dagar sedan

    Superman will always be the best Superhero no matter what

  36. stephanie williams

    stephanie williams

    26 dagar sedan

    this challenge is so random

  37. Linda Nasir

    Linda Nasir

    26 dagar sedan

    Nice thunder pump mate and u guys are awesome!!!

  38. The Switch masters

    The Switch masters

    26 dagar sedan

    Spider-Man is better bc he’s marvel

  39. RionThe Mon

    RionThe Mon

    26 dagar sedan

    Its a bouncer battle not a 1v1

  40. Killian Robinson

    Killian Robinson

    26 dagar sedan

    You should do a OG Deafault vs Chapter 2 Deafault Video😀

  41. Hasnat Buttar

    Hasnat Buttar

    26 dagar sedan

    Could you two please add me my epic is ouc_rain

  42. Samer Naji

    Samer Naji

    26 dagar sedan

    spider man is way beter

  43. 91 PING

    91 PING

    26 dagar sedan

    Your bad your using visual sound effects

  44. Jungwon


    26 dagar sedan

    Do bushranger vs groot

  45. Orbit


    26 dagar sedan

    These Bois be running out of content

  46. [jake]


    26 dagar sedan

    I love you’re content

  47. Shdw Jacob

    Shdw Jacob

    26 dagar sedan

    POV you read my comment

  48. Sebas


    27 dagar sedan

    3:50 tilted?! So that’s why Arena’s matches are full with sweats at boney

  49. Gamer Noah

    Gamer Noah

    27 dagar sedan

    Spider-Man is the best :)

  50. Minty


    27 dagar sedan

    so good

  51. Aaron McIntyre

    Aaron McIntyre

    27 dagar sedan

    I like marvel more

  52. אוריאל כהן

    אוריאל כהן

    27 dagar sedan

    Win go l

  53. FBR Fishy

    FBR Fishy

    27 dagar sedan

    this vid is just like 2 5yrs battleing

  54. 03CowKid


    27 dagar sedan

    5:56 Jordan: Superman Vision Me: X-ray Vision!!

  55. Noozu


    27 dagar sedan

    Jesse sounds sick, not like sick like cool but like sniffling

  56. Rex Den

    Rex Den

    27 dagar sedan

    I think Spider-Man is better still

  57. Zay Lewis

    Zay Lewis

    27 dagar sedan


  58. Paul Scerri

    Paul Scerri

    27 dagar sedan

    I wish spiderman won

  59. Zay Lewis

    Zay Lewis

    27 dagar sedan

    Superman is the worst

  60. Killua Club Official Studios

    Killua Club Official Studios

    27 dagar sedan

    Both of Jesse's flick shots were absolutely NOT flick shots

  61. Kyle L

    Kyle L

    27 dagar sedan

    Supa man supa man no this is not the spidermansong

  62. Kyle L

    Kyle L

    27 dagar sedan

    Spider-Man Spider-Man he is so trash like the trashy man Also wtf this is not fair at all super man wayyyyyyy better

  63. Ralisoccer


    27 dagar sedan

    You should do a rematch Green Arrow vs Flash. There is the Flash skin now plus, there are bows and arrows now

  64. Venkata Aditya Vardhan Patnana

    Venkata Aditya Vardhan Patnana

    27 dagar sedan

    well this is the truth, Superman is the father of all superheroes

  65. Awesome AgentOO

    Awesome AgentOO

    27 dagar sedan

    Btw superman has x-ray vision and spiderman obviously has spidey senses

  66. Ahad Khan

    Ahad Khan

    27 dagar sedan

    superman:200 years old and a god spiderman:15 years old and a highschooler

  67. RevivalShiloh


    27 dagar sedan

    no shit sherlock

  68. Jaiden Ellis

    Jaiden Ellis

    27 dagar sedan

    you could have used the jump boots for Superman

  69. Zawadi Bushiri

    Zawadi Bushiri

    27 dagar sedan

    The next kill race that you guys can do is basketball Skins versus soccer skin

  70. danfn


    27 dagar sedan

    superman has x-ray vision

  71. Evan Wojciechowski

    Evan Wojciechowski

    27 dagar sedan

    5:52 lol super-man actually does have x-ray vision so..

  72. kostas apostolopoulos

    kostas apostolopoulos

    27 dagar sedan

    If you want do football vs basketball

  73. Code X2twins

    Code X2twins

    27 dagar sedan

    I named my fortnite acc after you add it if you want is code_x2twinslmao

  74. Rendo-R


    27 dagar sedan


  75. aman wade

    aman wade

    27 dagar sedan

    spider man is season 7 secret skin i just know it

  76. LoboZ


    27 dagar sedan

    this is totally not scuffed

  77. Cameron Davison

    Cameron Davison

    27 dagar sedan

    I don’t watch x2Twins because Jordan always wins and it’s boring

  78. Zavier Arjun

    Zavier Arjun

    27 dagar sedan

    You literally heard Jordan talking from Jesse side 6:28

  79. Vibe Phoenix

    Vibe Phoenix

    27 dagar sedan

    Super man should’ve had the tracker pistol because he has x ray vision

  80. DX GraveFyx

    DX GraveFyx

    27 dagar sedan

    The skins look dope...

  81. Ferda Mravenec

    Ferda Mravenec

    27 dagar sedan

    This spider man is funny 😂😂

  82. H squad Gaming

    H squad Gaming

    27 dagar sedan

    I started watching u guys when u had 100 k subs.

  83. DR - 08FA 763978 Treeline PS

    DR - 08FA 763978 Treeline PS

    27 dagar sedan

    Jordan: marvel vs DC, lol there both DC

  84. MarkExplosion43 (MarkExplosion43)

    MarkExplosion43 (MarkExplosion43)

    27 dagar sedan

    I just wanna say superman one shots spiderman

  85. Charlie Sheehan

    Charlie Sheehan

    27 dagar sedan

    running out of content kinda

  86. Initial Thug

    Initial Thug

    27 dagar sedan

    Batman vs Superman pls

  87. Abrahm Young Sandriano

    Abrahm Young Sandriano

    27 dagar sedan


  88. PD TV

    PD TV

    27 dagar sedan

    Jesse sounds sick

  89. Sophia Biagi

    Sophia Biagi

    27 dagar sedan

    0:03 0:3

  90. Jagger Orava

    Jagger Orava

    27 dagar sedan

    they dont need points they just fight at the end

  91. Rory Gaylard

    Rory Gaylard

    27 dagar sedan

    You should do “who’s better default Jonesey or homeless jonesey

  92. Henry Duran

    Henry Duran

    27 dagar sedan

    Scuffed superheroes are good at the game

  93. MaveNick


    27 dagar sedan

    flash vs iron man

  94. serena krief mestroni

    serena krief mestroni

    27 dagar sedan

    you guys are make shift super man and spiderman

  95. Demxgod


    27 dagar sedan

    That ending was honestly so sick

  96. Jaden R. Reyes-Armenta

    Jaden R. Reyes-Armenta

    27 dagar sedan

    It’s a black person that you killed was me

  97. Gabriel bouchi-ettinger

    Gabriel bouchi-ettinger

    27 dagar sedan

    and jordan u are so cracked

  98. Gabriel bouchi-ettinger

    Gabriel bouchi-ettinger

    27 dagar sedan

    i acchilly want a x2 skin and i difenitly bye it

  99. Reuben Rouimy

    Reuben Rouimy

    28 dagar sedan

    These skins were so well done

  100. Anthony Ruiz

    Anthony Ruiz

    28 dagar sedan

    Honestly idc who wins bc it’s there skill