MONSTERS vs ALIENS (Mythic 1v1)

MONSTERS vs Aliens in Fortnite! Its a kill race to solve this mystery... because there totally isn't a movie for that. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Max Benoit

    Max Benoit

    11 timmar sedan

    Amazing good video

  2. Jaydon West

    Jaydon West

    Dag sedan

    Hi BOB

    • Jaydon West

      Jaydon West

      Dag sedan

      JORDAN how ar you so good

  3. Shawn Nelson

    Shawn Nelson

    2 dagar sedan

    Four ball but should I have said oh eliminations after boxed

  4. Gabe Ingram

    Gabe Ingram

    3 dagar sedan

    poor jesse

  5. Susana Chillón

    Susana Chillón

    3 dagar sedan

    Lol same

  6. Anders Lippert

    Anders Lippert

    4 dagar sedan


  7. Anders Lippert

    Anders Lippert

    4 dagar sedan


  8. Mr Raptor

    Mr Raptor

    6 dagar sedan

    Most cracked fort nite bob and n fortnite

  9. Preet Randhawa

    Preet Randhawa

    6 dagar sedan

    The raspy dancer presumably scrub because guarantee qualitatively cheat against a foregoing science. modern, teeny-tiny sweatshop

  10. casey brown

    casey brown

    6 dagar sedan

    Nice. Job bob

  11. Elite Soundz

    Elite Soundz

    9 dagar sedan

    7:29 jorden said bob?

  12. Ethan Rich

    Ethan Rich

    10 dagar sedan

    By the way your title sounds like the movie.

  13. Ashley Perez

    Ashley Perez

    10 dagar sedan

    Eventually do superman versus batman extra points batman with pickaxe kills superman with the raygun

  14. Chloe Wood

    Chloe Wood

    12 dagar sedan


  15. Theoficial Fluf

    Theoficial Fluf

    12 dagar sedan

    I love. The ending love you guys

  16. Twitch V01D_LIVE

    Twitch V01D_LIVE

    12 dagar sedan

    Dude I swear the blue jade was meeee

  17. HockeyHacker07


    13 dagar sedan

    You guys should do a set up tour! 🙏🙏

  18. Lil Cel

    Lil Cel

    13 dagar sedan

    You should do Deathstroke vs Deadpool

  19. Dan Han

    Dan Han

    13 dagar sedan

    I almost got abducted in flush

  20. Peter Mburia

    Peter Mburia

    13 dagar sedan

    The fact that these guys are literally part of my daily routine

  21. Hussein K123

    Hussein K123

    13 dagar sedan

    I love blob

  22. Griffin Barnes

    Griffin Barnes

    13 dagar sedan

    oh nvm

  23. Griffin Barnes

    Griffin Barnes

    13 dagar sedan

    why you callll riply a montser he is a chkien

  24. VO1D FL1PZ

    VO1D FL1PZ

    13 dagar sedan


  25. Vilho pakkala

    Vilho pakkala

    13 dagar sedan

    If you wanna please do a fortnite montage

  26. lukerstime


    13 dagar sedan


  27. khalid Alnuaimi

    khalid Alnuaimi

    13 dagar sedan

    I know this movie

  28. Jackson van As

    Jackson van As

    13 dagar sedan


  29. Vytis Kelbauskas

    Vytis Kelbauskas

    13 dagar sedan

    do dead pool vs dethstrike

  30. Ibrahim Mostafa

    Ibrahim Mostafa

    13 dagar sedan

    Guys, Can you please do DEADPOOL VS DEATHSTROKE, it will be SO FUN!!!!!

  31. Bling O

    Bling O

    13 dagar sedan

    You can do Deathstroke golden weapons only and Deathpool exotics only

  32. Faisal Alsuwailem

    Faisal Alsuwailem

    14 dagar sedan

    Now this deserves my sub still can’t believe I’m not subbed! Keep up the good work!

  33. Albert Ukenna

    Albert Ukenna

    14 dagar sedan

    Jordan is such a cheat

  34. RyaN1T5R


    14 dagar sedan

    What’s the difference between monster and alien?

  35. huntlyhun


    14 dagar sedan

    Hi oo spoocky

  36. Armash


    14 dagar sedan

    6:28 - 6:29 What was that

  37. Aidan Gervasi

    Aidan Gervasi

    14 dagar sedan

    ive only been abducted from weatherstation

  38. C00L C0L3

    C00L C0L3

    14 dagar sedan

    crack pod gamer check

  39. wasdright


    14 dagar sedan

    Bob from monsters vs aliens classic movie

  40. Ryan Liang

    Ryan Liang

    14 dagar sedan


  41. Harshvardhan Banka

    Harshvardhan Banka

    14 dagar sedan

    It cares about how well do u play

  42. Danny Soto

    Danny Soto

    14 dagar sedan

    List of Fortnite pros who dies in random ways in kill races Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse

  43. True Noob Gaming

    True Noob Gaming

    14 dagar sedan

    I thought the monster from the monster vs mech event :(

  44. Benjamin Aviles

    Benjamin Aviles

    14 dagar sedan

    U guys make great content

  45. Daniel Stapleton

    Daniel Stapleton

    14 dagar sedan

    And strong hold I was updukted

  46. Janco Van biljoen

    Janco Van biljoen

    14 dagar sedan

    They should do a kill race without killing people

  47. Blazhe Nikolov

    Blazhe Nikolov

    14 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who saw two mythic bows whaty

  48. DodgerFN


    14 dagar sedan

    U should do Harley Quinn v deathstroke bonus points Harleys is with her bat and deathstrokes Is dualies

  49. yaseinels


    14 dagar sedan

    Riply is bob

  50. Sacha Levy

    Sacha Levy

    14 dagar sedan

    i love your videos

  51. Halvor Sirnes

    Halvor Sirnes

    14 dagar sedan

    CODE x2Twins

  52. JTvokcs xd

    JTvokcs xd

    14 dagar sedan

    holly fck i was the deadpool



    14 dagar sedan

    You intel the storm then you get adokhed

  54. ghxsty


    14 dagar sedan


  55. Nick Prosek

    Nick Prosek

    14 dagar sedan

    What is the music called? 2:47

  56. Str8upkills YT

    Str8upkills YT

    14 dagar sedan

    They should have used the ruin skin for the monster. The season 8 secret battle pass skin

  57. saad shaikh

    saad shaikh

    14 dagar sedan

    Where is the x2 sign?????

  58. Jame Clar

    Jame Clar

    14 dagar sedan

    everyone knows Bob from monsters vs aliens is the homie

  59. Ashley Scott

    Ashley Scott

    14 dagar sedan

    That's what I did

  60. Austin Plays Fortnite A Lot

    Austin Plays Fortnite A Lot

    14 dagar sedan

    (Title) Movie 1v1



    14 dagar sedan


  62. Skye Lattimer

    Skye Lattimer

    15 dagar sedan

    You can get abducted by aliens anywhere

  63. Rize YT

    Rize YT

    15 dagar sedan

    The disappointment

  64. thepickleman


    15 dagar sedan

    I love the way Jordan said 'oh no' 😂😂

  65. Will Burk

    Will Burk

    15 dagar sedan

    It’s funny how the monster was blobby

  66. AxoYT


    15 dagar sedan

    Jordan:i'm one hp hp bar:What??

  67. Brittany McLean

    Brittany McLean

    15 dagar sedan


  68. kafro_2008


    15 dagar sedan

    i love the timing at 6:13 with the musik

  69. ECH0


    15 dagar sedan

    bob ze blob

  70. Michael Brennan

    Michael Brennan

    15 dagar sedan

    Swap setups and a kill race chalenge

  71. Alfyris


    15 dagar sedan

    Team alien

  72. Aarav Sagar

    Aarav Sagar

    15 dagar sedan

    did anyone realise there was nothing in their facecam backgrond

  73. Samuel Reyna

    Samuel Reyna

    15 dagar sedan


  74. EggDog


    15 dagar sedan

    0:18 no but I like the number

  75. Janine Hoover

    Janine Hoover

    15 dagar sedan

    If you do another Pro vs Hunter you should where gold peely if you have it boys!!

  76. Stacey Anson

    Stacey Anson

    15 dagar sedan

    Keep it up!!

  77. Malik Johnson

    Malik Johnson

    15 dagar sedan

    Do deadpool vs deathstroke

  78. TM Macon

    TM Macon

    15 dagar sedan

    Do a spire imorratal vs spire assian

  79. Brite vibes

    Brite vibes

    15 dagar sedan

    I know you’ll say no but plz can I 1v1 you I know you’ll win because I’m eu

  80. chuckon60fps


    15 dagar sedan

    THE BIG BOB -Jordan 2021

  81. Super11dave _

    Super11dave _

    15 dagar sedan

    Idea:Mythic boots kill race both grab mythic boots from the spire bonus points for any boots eliminations.

  82. CrxkZ


    15 dagar sedan

    Dc vs marvel

  83. gokufire-yt


    15 dagar sedan

    If u remember the black panther vs captain Marvel fight it ended here the watch the vids

  84. Daniel Marshall

    Daniel Marshall

    15 dagar sedan

    0:15 😂 practically the movie

  85. Constix


    15 dagar sedan

    Ddo honor guard and wonder against ikonik and Galaxy

  86. Λzee


    15 dagar sedan

    Jordan : *Uses a sweaty pickaxe with a meme skin* Lazarbeam : “WTF!!!!!!”

  87. Jamarcus Speed

    Jamarcus Speed

    15 dagar sedan

    They should do deathstroke vs deadpool

  88. Josh is cracked

    Josh is cracked

    15 dagar sedan

    The one thing aliens can’t do... biuld😂😘😋🤨🤨😋😛😍😒😞🥳😔🥳😘🥲😁🤗🥴🤗🥱😧😲😧😯😱🥺😷😱😈😧🤠😱😷🥺🤢🥺😐

  89. Vanessa Arboleda

    Vanessa Arboleda

    15 dagar sedan


  90. Jarinee Singjirakul

    Jarinee Singjirakul

    15 dagar sedan

    are you gonna chase Muselk now? Or Lachy

  91. Mohammed Alkhaldi

    Mohammed Alkhaldi

    15 dagar sedan

    U can even do deadpool vs deathstroke

  92. Jonathan Carrasco

    Jonathan Carrasco

    15 dagar sedan


  93. Itz Scythe

    Itz Scythe

    15 dagar sedan

    You should do Mongraal vs Benjyfishy (Dynamo vs Siren) Momgraal: CONTROLLAR PLAYER KILLS bonus points or Mongraal classic bonus points. Benjyfishy: idk

  94. MoDhan-17


    15 dagar sedan

    Love you guys❤️Keep up the good work

  95. Marc Britt

    Marc Britt

    15 dagar sedan

    Pls show us your locker

  96. Alexis Noun-Lamontagne

    Alexis Noun-Lamontagne

    15 dagar sedan

    Holà contesta

  97. Bennett Reimer

    Bennett Reimer

    15 dagar sedan

    Well........ 69% of people aren’t subscribed so..............

  98. T


    15 dagar sedan


  99. Urmil Bansal

    Urmil Bansal

    15 dagar sedan

    How Jesse uses blue pump

  100. F0rk3r1


    15 dagar sedan

    What internet do U use I am in Australia as well