Unlocking *DEATHSTROKE* EARLY in Fortnite

We did a TWINS OLYMPICS in a TOURNAMENT... not our finest ideas! We unlocked the Deathstroke Zero Skin however... we hope you enjoy!

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  1. I poop Also

    I poop Also

    10 dagar sedan

    I’m in season 7

  2. Landon Flynn

    Landon Flynn

    12 dagar sedan

    I was laughing so hard when jesse said "why is john wick IN THE ROCK"

  3. MrBaconBoy


    15 dagar sedan

    But u guys r still gods

  4. MrBaconBoy


    15 dagar sedan

    I’m srry but ur voices r really annoying

  5. Ian Lowry

    Ian Lowry

    15 dagar sedan

    i a big fann

  6. Karim adventure is best.

    Karim adventure is best.

    16 dagar sedan

    why they don't do a twin meme Olympics in a solo cash cup

  7. bullzz dashh

    bullzz dashh

    16 dagar sedan

    Holly jesus

  8. nate davis

    nate davis

    17 dagar sedan

    Jordan passed a whole gold scar 4:33

  9. Austin Plays Fortnite A Lot

    Austin Plays Fortnite A Lot

    18 dagar sedan

    Jesse: gets 5 kills first game Jordan: Did you say 5 because I got 18

  10. melle heida

    melle heida

    18 dagar sedan

    3:26 you say you skin is chigusa but you not use the skin

  11. Ace Point

    Ace Point

    19 dagar sedan

    YOU get shot through the wall...

  12. William Rodriguez

    William Rodriguez

    19 dagar sedan

    8:13 is sus

  13. levi Williams

    levi Williams

    19 dagar sedan

    hes inside the rock! dwayne johnson : AYOOOOOO

  14. N'golo Kante

    N'golo Kante

    20 dagar sedan

    @x2Twins don't tell Jesse, Jordan your better than your twin brother

  15. B-Gob


    20 dagar sedan

    1:06 that’s 350 IQ play right there

  16. Prisla Polanco

    Prisla Polanco

    20 dagar sedan

    They won the deathstroke

  17. amir asghari

    amir asghari

    20 dagar sedan

    GG BRO

  18. Isiac Hollen

    Isiac Hollen

    20 dagar sedan

    Say hi and make my week

  19. Devin


    20 dagar sedan

    12:30 we not gone talk about how the harpoon didnt get charged when he shot it

  20. Nacho 206

    Nacho 206

    20 dagar sedan

    Death stroke vs deadpool

  21. Vladanka Peric

    Vladanka Peric

    20 dagar sedan

    "Take your peacecontrol"

  22. D'Lei Pérez

    D'Lei Pérez

    21 dag sedan

    Jordan acting sus🤣😂

  23. H Z

    H Z

    21 dag sedan

    1:13 “hold up wait a minute send me right”

  24. Thomas Preston

    Thomas Preston

    21 dag sedan

    Wait WHAT I was in the first game you guys were in I got a good 22 points that game

  25. Ariya Forutan

    Ariya Forutan

    21 dag sedan


  26. Stubgaming


    21 dag sedan

    What server are you playing ?

  27. Street :/

    Street :/

    22 dagar sedan

    Love your content 💛

  28. Chiavan Hassan

    Chiavan Hassan

    22 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: The Midas skin was Mrsavage because their is no other person that wears Midas and he’s a clutcher

  29. Pandelis Kouris

    Pandelis Kouris

    22 dagar sedan


  30. drawo_464


    22 dagar sedan

    How Jordan what mouse do you have ?!!!

  31. M’Z is alpha 味

    M’Z is alpha 味

    22 dagar sedan

    Can you do a Deathstroke vs Godzilla Deathstroke bonus points if he kills bots with pickaxe and Godzilla for a flame bow kill

  32. Cooper And Friends Gaming

    Cooper And Friends Gaming

    22 dagar sedan

    Love It

  33. a komala

    a komala

    22 dagar sedan

    jordan will always have more earnings than jesse

  34. Raz


    22 dagar sedan

    x2 twins with 2.22 million subs

  35. joshua roper

    joshua roper

    22 dagar sedan


  36. Ravi Tejwani

    Ravi Tejwani

    22 dagar sedan

    You guys are the best

  37. FiFou ᵖâte ᵃ mots ² Lait LeStuff2StanRP

    FiFou ᵖâte ᵃ mots ² Lait LeStuff2StanRP

    22 dagar sedan

    GG bros

  38. Mohammad Salem

    Mohammad Salem

    22 dagar sedan

    Jordan: pushing everyone and boxing them like fishes and get 18 elims with victory. While Jesse: is chilling with second place and five elims

  39. Trinity Alston

    Trinity Alston

    22 dagar sedan

    I love the vids 😇🥰🥺

  40. SH4H


    22 dagar sedan

    These guys have mastered the art of w key-ing

  41. Sione VFM

    Sione VFM

    22 dagar sedan

    I also killed my cousin in the cup

  42. Daymen Compagner

    Daymen Compagner

    23 dagar sedan

    9:06 WTFF two bunkerchests

  43. Diane Gable

    Diane Gable

    23 dagar sedan

    ayo a bounty on chey bae?

  44. Y Boum

    Y Boum

    23 dagar sedan

    oce servers be like

  45. Jonas Vestergaard

    Jonas Vestergaard

    23 dagar sedan

    i love you

  46. Radim Blazek

    Radim Blazek

    23 dagar sedan

    1:14 what was that? This game si trash

  47. Zeno


    23 dagar sedan

    Why Jesse always scratching his chin???

  48. Blondshark123


    23 dagar sedan

    You won’t pin this Yeet

  49. XDSILAs 69

    XDSILAs 69

    23 dagar sedan

    i also got the death stroke skin i got 10th place

  50. Gio SanLio

    Gio SanLio

    23 dagar sedan

    Its very food gg is very delicious gg

  51. JJabezPLAYZ_


    23 dagar sedan

    do batman vs deathstorke!!!!!!

  52. Alfyris


    23 dagar sedan

    Deathstroke vs deadpool

  53. Alex Sharkey

    Alex Sharkey

    23 dagar sedan

    Jesse is the goat

  54. Eddy De Zwart

    Eddy De Zwart

    23 dagar sedan

    Nice video

  55. Eddy De Zwart

    Eddy De Zwart

    23 dagar sedan

    I have a Frend that is level 999,999

  56. Neon ninja

    Neon ninja

    23 dagar sedan

    Do King Kong vs ghidora bonus kills for King Kong with a pickaxe kill and ghidora with a thunder pump

  57. Luke Meyers

    Luke Meyers

    23 dagar sedan

    Sooooo is Jordan officially better

  58. Sagar Joshi

    Sagar Joshi

    23 dagar sedan

    Both are cracked💪

  59. Jesse R

    Jesse R

    23 dagar sedan

    Yo jesse and jordan i also unlocked deathsroke on NAE

  60. ༒꧁ Giovanni Loves SHEEESHING꧂༒

    ༒꧁ Giovanni Loves SHEEESHING꧂༒

    23 dagar sedan

    lol there was a gold scar in your box and you didnt even see it

  61. vibez ay лол

    vibez ay лол

    23 dagar sedan

    How did that soccer skin hit Jordan through the wall??

  62. Space Destroyer

    Space Destroyer

    23 dagar sedan

    Litterally playing a cup and making challenges look easy when I don’t play cups because I have 70 ping a broken controller and I always die instantly

  63. Andrei Tatarusanu

    Andrei Tatarusanu

    23 dagar sedan

    Romani de ai mei pe aici



    23 dagar sedan

    house tour

  65. Karen Anaya

    Karen Anaya

    23 dagar sedan

    I sub

  66. Rogelio Lopez Alvarado

    Rogelio Lopez Alvarado

    23 dagar sedan

    how do they still get bot lobies on tournaments???????????????

  67. Denise Luiso

    Denise Luiso

    23 dagar sedan

    Jordan: builds wall Soccer skin: shoots with pump and hits Jordan

  68. Cjay DON

    Cjay DON

    23 dagar sedan

    Do Deathstroke vs Deadpool

  69. Brosef2008


    23 dagar sedan

    Cracked him, Cracked him again, Cracked

  70. NickFNM


    23 dagar sedan

    My dad said if I hit 100 subs by next week I can get a pc... help me guys

  71. Force


    23 dagar sedan

    How many points did everyone else get in the cup

  72. Jahkeel Elmes

    Jahkeel Elmes

    23 dagar sedan

    Do death stroke vs deadpool

  73. not Detboycool 2

    not Detboycool 2

    23 dagar sedan

    Deadpool vs Deathstroke

  74. Zaxify


    23 dagar sedan

    Why do they always play with bots not pros

  75. braco_gajić_fp


    23 dagar sedan

    Fortnite is trash

  76. OriginalJayGames Shorts

    OriginalJayGames Shorts

    23 dagar sedan

    That aint deathstroke that is Slade

    • Croissant Bagel7678

      Croissant Bagel7678

      23 dagar sedan


  77. Luke Guy

    Luke Guy

    23 dagar sedan

    This channel is copying fresh's content



    23 dagar sedan


  79. Saviour Brignone

    Saviour Brignone

    23 dagar sedan

    Tournament was full of bots NO CAP



    23 dagar sedan

    Oh, never mind. I didn’t realize someone else said that already. That’s a probably a very popular idea.



    23 dagar sedan

    You should do Death stroke vs Deadpool . Bonus points for Death stroke is his pickaxe, and bonus points for Deadpool is the dual pistols.

  82. Aim Rexius

    Aim Rexius

    23 dagar sedan

    14:03 MYTHIC BOOTY?!

  83. Szymon Baksa

    Szymon Baksa

    23 dagar sedan

    4:37 gold scar

  84. Luana Di bella

    Luana Di bella

    23 dagar sedan

    I Lost count of how many times Jordan said i'll pay him a visit

  85. Tiffany Ream

    Tiffany Ream

    23 dagar sedan

    Everyone what is your highest kill record on fortnite mine is 27

  86. Monique Trail

    Monique Trail

    23 dagar sedan

    So sad I didn’t get got 60 points :c

  87. Neetz


    23 dagar sedan

    are you na-east or na-west

  88. Mira Y

    Mira Y

    23 dagar sedan

    Pls do peely patrol again😁😁

    • Mira Y

      Mira Y

      23 dagar sedan

      's idea

    • Mira Y

      Mira Y

      23 dagar sedan

      After agent 301

  89. Project zorgo

    Project zorgo

    23 dagar sedan

    It’s not physical

  90. emily bradley schoenberg

    emily bradley schoenberg

    23 dagar sedan

    I am worried it said I got 20% and 42 points do I get the skin Jordan and Jesse

  91. DJ Pro2

    DJ Pro2

    23 dagar sedan


  92. Faith Neveah

    Faith Neveah

    23 dagar sedan

    Jordan better 😍♨️

  93. Lavanya P

    Lavanya P

    23 dagar sedan

    Do cluck vs guff

  94. Stijn van Buijten

    Stijn van Buijten

    23 dagar sedan

    You kill me jordan

  95. Harry Ford

    Harry Ford

    23 dagar sedan

    4:41 I think he was afk

  96. gab gab

    gab gab

    23 dagar sedan

    I got top 4%😀😀

  97. mr _samyar

    mr _samyar

    23 dagar sedan

    افرین جوردن خخخخخخخخخ

  98. Tyriq


    23 dagar sedan

    @grumbae 1:15 when he shot through the wall :)

  99. mido mayadoo

    mido mayadoo

    23 dagar sedan

    Me Playing in Eu me getting 60points Me looking at leader board oh I am bad Top 4500 has 89 points

  100. Ryan Ayass.

    Ryan Ayass.

    23 dagar sedan

    Look at the keyboard there using I use ps4 I don't build good