WE CAN'T STOP BREAKING FORTNITE WORLD RECORDS! In celebration of the new season, we attempt to break records that might not be possible in a few days... we hope you enjoy!

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  1. Skyz


    2 dagar sedan

    The drunk coat informally smell because pair medicinally dry underneath a relieved feeling. ill-informed, youthful fight

  2. Alex Menard

    Alex Menard

    2 dagar sedan


  3. Brendon Johnson

    Brendon Johnson

    2 dagar sedan

    There was a grey shock bow

  4. W Key Justin

    W Key Justin

    3 dagar sedan

    Amount of times they said Mech parts 👉

  5. Dave Forster

    Dave Forster

    3 dagar sedan

    Yo truck give most mech parts

  6. Adam Nordic fan

    Adam Nordic fan

    4 dagar sedan

    Video idea humanens vs robots

  7. JShAdowFlame - Topic

    JShAdowFlame - Topic

    5 dagar sedan

    8:31 my guy just how much gold?!

  8. Jack Guerrero

    Jack Guerrero

    6 dagar sedan

    The staying in the air that wasn’t the world record sypher made a video he has the record for now

  9. Liam Lopez

    Liam Lopez

    6 dagar sedan

    2:15 I meant

  10. Liam Lopez

    Liam Lopez

    6 dagar sedan

    2:17 he has his controller plug in

  11. Fadime Caglar

    Fadime Caglar

    6 dagar sedan

    5354 goud men insene / 179 bents men krezi men

  12. SB Clan

    SB Clan

    6 dagar sedan

    These guys get so many clips that they could make a montage a day

  13. Tobuu


    6 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: this record was done by Kubx when he was playing solo arena lmao

  14. Julius Skov

    Julius Skov

    6 dagar sedan

    rasmusnie and hes freind got 200 Mechanical Parts btw he is danish

  15. Exe poetic

    Exe poetic

    6 dagar sedan

    Mech parts

  16. Exe poetic

    Exe poetic

    6 dagar sedan

    I got 156 in solo arena

  17. Jesse Stern

    Jesse Stern

    6 dagar sedan

    My name is Jesse and when Jordan wins...I feel like he just made this sooo personal?

  18. banana B

    banana B

    6 dagar sedan

    Not bad not bad

  19. Dillan Dennis

    Dillan Dennis

    6 dagar sedan

    The spiffy riddle aditionally observe because rayon briefly slap regarding a foamy sailor. earsplitting, narrow carol



    7 dagar sedan

    How Jesse and Jordan don’t have icon skins I don’t know

  21. Bh clix

    Bh clix

    7 dagar sedan

    Yo YoYo

  22. Huzaifa Rahman

    Huzaifa Rahman

    7 dagar sedan

    he said give me ur parts LOL

  23. Kryspin Paranienormalny

    Kryspin Paranienormalny

    7 dagar sedan

    you are INSANE!!!!

  24. Zac Kuang

    Zac Kuang

    7 dagar sedan


  25. Ttv RAY

    Ttv RAY

    7 dagar sedan

    I’m starting keyboard and mouse. Any tips?

  26. Aaron Murphy

    Aaron Murphy

    7 dagar sedan

    Who else saw the controller binds pop up for jordon

  27. Raul Vasile Pavel

    Raul Vasile Pavel

    7 dagar sedan

    2:16 controler

  28. Asger Dahl

    Asger Dahl

    7 dagar sedan

    Flames Rasmus Seebach the record for most massive parts

  29. FaKe ZYRO

    FaKe ZYRO

    7 dagar sedan

    2:15 controla playa

  30. VR Racing

    VR Racing

    8 dagar sedan


  31. Sophia


    8 dagar sedan

    2:49-2:50 LOL I CANT

  32. ivani kaushal

    ivani kaushal

    8 dagar sedan

    2:49 “come here give me your parts” 😭

  33. Charlie_gaming124


    8 dagar sedan

    Keyemera is an alien skin Season seven

  34. Yeetboi


    8 dagar sedan

    I bet the world record for the mech parts by 120

  35. CHILLI


    8 dagar sedan

    i really like your videos

  36. Soar Knife

    Soar Knife

    8 dagar sedan


  37. Kiwi 11

    Kiwi 11

    8 dagar sedan

    Me any my cousin went into battle lab and got 300+ ish mech parts If ur wondering we dropped them cus u can only hold 100

  38. Semih yeet Groenewoud

    Semih yeet Groenewoud

    8 dagar sedan

    Why did you kill me

  39. JustJustio Gaming

    JustJustio Gaming

    8 dagar sedan

    The doubtful smash finally reject because swamp pivotally groan minus a scared belief. painful, violet hip

  40. Nate Kensett-Smith

    Nate Kensett-Smith

    9 dagar sedan

    Jordan do you have a mullet say in the next vid plz

  41. Kyan Placanica

    Kyan Placanica

    9 dagar sedan

    The most challenges Iv ever done are 7

  42. Michael burgess

    Michael burgess

    10 dagar sedan

    do it on NaE oceana servers are majority bots

    • Michael burgess

      Michael burgess

      10 dagar sedan

      Love the content though btw gg

  43. Jack Reed

    Jack Reed

    10 dagar sedan


  44. Kostouros


    10 dagar sedan

    2:16 we can clearly see that he use a controller but we don't see a controller

  45. Lefteris V

    Lefteris V

    10 dagar sedan

    Have you got aimbot?

  46. Dániel Nyáry

    Dániel Nyáry

    10 dagar sedan

    Wtf is that skin what JESSIE uses? Becouse i'd like it

  47. Xxx Forsty

    Xxx Forsty

    11 dagar sedan

    They got 2,153 Gold i Dont Even Get that much a Seasson!!!

  48. Levi Bone

    Levi Bone

    11 dagar sedan

    Uhhhhh daddy

  49. Benny Simeone

    Benny Simeone

    11 dagar sedan

    2:12 i thought the metel was mech parts

  50. Itchyy YT

    Itchyy YT

    11 dagar sedan

    Hw ea un un

  51. CLX Raid

    CLX Raid

    11 dagar sedan

    That’s so op

  52. Ghoul Tropper Fan

    Ghoul Tropper Fan

    11 dagar sedan

    They are montage

  53. TriniSweatJoshua


    11 dagar sedan

    cxltures already got 100 mech parts in one of his vid

  54. SaifTheSlayer7


    11 dagar sedan

    I'm not clickbaiting but I have the record for the most kills I did it in arsenal lately I got 93 kills.

  55. Geneviève Robert

    Geneviève Robert

    11 dagar sedan

    Bro I got 93 mec parts In solo

  56. Golem


    11 dagar sedan

    2:16 it showed, ur on console

  57. JT Plays

    JT Plays

    11 dagar sedan


  58. Florian Vogelsang

    Florian Vogelsang

    11 dagar sedan


  59. ShadowGhostナルト


    11 dagar sedan

    Why do you copy freshes intro

  60. Spenxer BDP

    Spenxer BDP

    12 dagar sedan

    Fresh knock off intro. Fanboys

  61. Simeon


    12 dagar sedan

    What was that??? Lower left 2:29

  62. Game Nerd

    Game Nerd

    12 dagar sedan

    "The zone goes perfectly on Pleasant for parts" forgets he cleared Pleasant both cars and players for the time being

  63. Most Scariest comment

    Most Scariest comment

    12 dagar sedan

    No wonder why in my game they were no cars

  64. Parmeet Singh 2 M

    Parmeet Singh 2 M

    12 dagar sedan

    Pro x2twins

  65.  TO0TMonlit Ψ

    TO0TMonlit Ψ

    12 dagar sedan

    it is of ramdomlife

  66. Hmplayz


    12 dagar sedan

    Me: only getting one mechanical part Them: getting 180 mechanical parts

  67. Faze__Revilo


    12 dagar sedan

    It’s so cool I’m watching the last season 1 day ago

  68. Max Farsø

    Max Farsø

    12 dagar sedan

    A danish player have 200 with his freind

  69. Mythical hyper Viper

    Mythical hyper Viper

    12 dagar sedan

    Rip season 6

  70. matt waldman

    matt waldman

    12 dagar sedan

    The tan chalk gratifyingly approve because bongo multivariately precede before a aboard canoe. shy, disastrous woolen

  71. Shiv yadav

    Shiv yadav

    12 dagar sedan


  72. Helen Mason-Wainwright

    Helen Mason-Wainwright

    12 dagar sedan

    I got the recored now ive got 2k mec parts

    • Peyton M0351

      Peyton M0351

      6 dagar sedan


    • Peyton M0351

      Peyton M0351

      6 dagar sedan


  73. Boxed by swtz

    Boxed by swtz

    12 dagar sedan

    Me. And my mate had a 100 macanacle parts each

  74. Rage_ On_fn

    Rage_ On_fn

    12 dagar sedan

    Hey did Jesse sound like fresh

  75. safi ahmed

    safi ahmed

    12 dagar sedan

    nobody can beat the gold record i made 3000 gold 1 game

  76. oliveriscoolAFC


    12 dagar sedan

    World records pog

  77. derpi leipoo

    derpi leipoo

    12 dagar sedan

    Trash game

    • derpi leipoo

      derpi leipoo

      12 dagar sedan

      @Henry fortinite kid

    • Henry


      12 dagar sedan

      your trash not the game lol

  78. JaxZ


    12 dagar sedan

    It was my brother who had the mechanical part record

  79. tiesiog airidas

    tiesiog airidas

    12 dagar sedan

    I dont know if someone saw but in 2:16 when jordan pull out hos inventory there was controller buttons not pc and he didnt even play on controller 🤨🤨🤨😑

  80. Konrad B larsen

    Konrad B larsen

    12 dagar sedan

    There's one in Denmark he got 200 in arena duo they both got 100

  81. Aaron Crowe

    Aaron Crowe

    12 dagar sedan

    My brother and I got 200 car parts between us

  82. Shay Sulley

    Shay Sulley

    12 dagar sedan


  83. Dj  Mason

    Dj Mason

    12 dagar sedan

    Yes I’m a fortnight gamer

  84. Dj  Mason

    Dj Mason

    12 dagar sedan

    Y’all should’ve split it 50-50 in a mechanical parts



    12 dagar sedan

    I'm gonna miss it😭

  86. VANX Emmanuel

    VANX Emmanuel

    12 dagar sedan

    At 2:16 look at the guns its like if he is on controller

  87. Fit Franco

    Fit Franco

    13 dagar sedan

    how is it a world record u needed help, i can just que with squad and squash ur "records"

  88. Assassin


    13 dagar sedan

    Bro the invtory u can see Xbox controlls when they play on pc

  89. Hijabot


    13 dagar sedan

    The Max car parts I got was 71

  90. WillPlays2021


    13 dagar sedan

    4K!!!! 4K QUALITY

  91. Defencivity


    13 dagar sedan

    3:02what is that song called

  92. Coach Mako

    Coach Mako

    13 dagar sedan

    Yo Jesse and Jordan, me and my duo were playing arena and had 200 cuz we had 40+ kills so we have the same record as u 😂

  93. AT - 05BV 804730 Larkspur PS

    AT - 05BV 804730 Larkspur PS

    13 dagar sedan

    I’ve got 112 mech parts in one game

  94. fishingatnite


    13 dagar sedan

    Hey twins where's the x2 sign I can't see it

  95. look so cool

    look so cool

    13 dagar sedan

    At 2:15 it showed he was on controller

  96. Robin Walker

    Robin Walker

    13 dagar sedan

    It's a lambo not Ferrari

  97. Tobi Adepegba

    Tobi Adepegba

    13 dagar sedan

    Did anyone see Jordan miss the gold shock bow

  98. Brock Vaughn

    Brock Vaughn

    13 dagar sedan

    You can’t get the record I already have got 100 mech parts before

  99. adog


    13 dagar sedan

    I don't like how they call the lambo a Ferrari

    • adog


      13 dagar sedan

      They do it like every vid

  100. Liamo Nagle

    Liamo Nagle

    13 dagar sedan

    Keep making great content