Deathstroke or Green Arrow... today we put them up against each other. Its a solo kill race to determine which is better, x2Twins Style! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Daniel Spencer

    Daniel Spencer

    17 timmar sedan

    Batman v cat women

  2. Bentley Cameron

    Bentley Cameron

    5 dagar sedan

    have you ever died when you are fighting in fortnite????????

  3. Midas Sombrío

    Midas Sombrío

    5 dagar sedan

    This should of be batman vs deathstroke but ok

  4. DestroyerKP9 Gaming

    DestroyerKP9 Gaming

    5 dagar sedan

    Pistols weren’t in the game at this point

    • DestroyerKP9 Gaming

      DestroyerKP9 Gaming

      5 dagar sedan

      Oh Revolvers

  5. PyxelPotato


    5 dagar sedan

    He got only 1 bonus point bruh 6:21

  6. Audrey Rodriguez

    Audrey Rodriguez

    9 dagar sedan

    My brother Pasta scared

  7. Flames of Fury

    Flames of Fury

    9 dagar sedan

    Do Iron man vs Captain America

  8. It’s Joeking

    It’s Joeking

    9 dagar sedan

    Do fortnite without breaking the law

  9. Fishy Gamerrr

    Fishy Gamerrr

    10 dagar sedan

    Jesse cheated he used a epic shock wave bow

  10. Traore Nouhoum

    Traore Nouhoum

    12 dagar sedan

    Good VIDÉO !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Larry Lowe

    Larry Lowe

    13 dagar sedan


  12. Magical Bush

    Magical Bush

    13 dagar sedan

    Deathstroke v.s Jonesy

  13. Alejandro Perezduarte (Student)

    Alejandro Perezduarte (Student)

    13 dagar sedan

    Did my man Oliver Justice. RIP

  14. Estefano Bellettini

    Estefano Bellettini

    14 dagar sedan


  15. Mark Filip Margon

    Mark Filip Margon

    14 dagar sedan

    Terminator vs kid becouse they are robots

  16. Tom Foryth

    Tom Foryth

    14 dagar sedan

    X2 twins I need a win

    • Tom Foryth

      Tom Foryth

      14 dagar sedan

      My epic is DrX2Tom

  17. Khair Eye

    Khair Eye

    14 dagar sedan

    U have FAILED THIS GAME!!... Green Arrow win...

  18. Prometheus Chase

    Prometheus Chase

    14 dagar sedan

    “You and me kid, like Old times” -slade Wilson

  19. Clutch


    14 dagar sedan

    Batman vs joker

  20. Pedro Díaz Zamora

    Pedro Díaz Zamora

    14 dagar sedan

    Make deathstroke VS deadpool

  21. Gere Milán

    Gere Milán

    15 dagar sedan

    Do batman vs joker

  22. Anthony Bettencourt

    Anthony Bettencourt

    15 dagar sedan

    DO DEATHSTROKE VS SPIRE ASSASIN WHERE IF YOU get the boots and jump on someone you get bonus points and for deathstroke if you get dualise and get a kill you get bonus points

  23. Brad Smit

    Brad Smit

    16 dagar sedan

    do basketball vs football it would be so cool

  24. Blueberry cow

    Blueberry cow

    16 dagar sedan

    You should do deadpool and slade



    16 dagar sedan

    I love both of the characters from the Arrowverse

  26. Tokorazzle


    16 dagar sedan

    Kinda like mrfresh intro's

  27. SmartPokemon


    17 dagar sedan

    they messed up deathstoke got a kill with the dualies and only counted has 1 point so it’s a tie

  28. Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 3

    Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 3

    17 dagar sedan

    Season 7 alien skin

  29. Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 3

    Muhammad Bakhtiar Shahazad Year 3

    17 dagar sedan

    Alien vs preadator

  30. Lewis gaming

    Lewis gaming

    17 dagar sedan

    Next video do meowsickles vs cartoon cat

  31. Just trying to be cool

    Just trying to be cool

    17 dagar sedan

    how was your birthday

  32. Pamela Donnerson

    Pamela Donnerson

    17 dagar sedan

    Can you do deathstroke vs deadpool



    17 dagar sedan

    I have that skin it,s really cool

  34. 80s Hype Live 80's Tribute Band

    80s Hype Live 80's Tribute Band

    18 dagar sedan

    Do Haley quoin vs joker 😊😊😊

  35. BsB Salty

    BsB Salty

    18 dagar sedan

    they should have done deadpool vs deathstroke

  36. Ghost MC

    Ghost MC

    18 dagar sedan

    Can you do joker vs Batman jokers extra kill weapon is a stink bow and Batman is any mechanical weapon joker only epic and Batman blue

  37. Robert Adamus

    Robert Adamus

    18 dagar sedan

    My 🙀🤕☠️

  38. Blazze


    18 dagar sedan

    Why did James not land on the Exotic dullies

    • Fortnite_Topic


      17 dagar sedan

      I mean Jordan I got confused

    • Fortnite_Topic


      17 dagar sedan

      James lol you mean Jesse

  39. The boy Diamond340

    The boy Diamond340

    18 dagar sedan

    has there been a kill race where one of them has died before final 1v1?

  40. daniel garcia

    daniel garcia

    18 dagar sedan

    Cat woman vs batman

  41. Zax1fy


    18 dagar sedan

    Does the great x2twins reply

  42. rpapercop


    18 dagar sedan

    I agree with Derrick mills but if not, obviously do Batman against death stroke. WAIT, OR DO JOKER AGAINST BATMAN

  43. claireflaherty1986


    19 dagar sedan

    How did you get that skin

  44. Josh Sorley

    Josh Sorley

    19 dagar sedan


  45. Wy?


    19 dagar sedan

    Jesse and Jorden how do you get in the same game with each other pls comment and tell me

  46. Colby Ruckle

    Colby Ruckle

    19 dagar sedan

    fresh did dualies only

  47. Myrian Rios

    Myrian Rios

    19 dagar sedan

    You should do deadpool vs deathstroke

  48. רוי ימין

    רוי ימין

    19 dagar sedan


  49. shxxf


    19 dagar sedan

    do travis scott vs marshmeelo or lazerbeam vs lachlan

  50. ♡иoαнツ


    19 dagar sedan


  51. Jago Knight

    Jago Knight

    19 dagar sedan

    Jesse is using a blue bow and arrow

  52. Judah McBurney

    Judah McBurney

    19 dagar sedan

    can you 1v1 in creative that would be insane

  53. Ultragamer2Plays


    19 dagar sedan

    Batman zero vs Batman dark knight, which is better

  54. hamed alhantoubi

    hamed alhantoubi

    19 dagar sedan

    Do a dead pool vs dethstrok

  55. J3rdy-_-


    19 dagar sedan

    Try iron man and groot

  56. Galaxywolf


    19 dagar sedan

    Do superman vs flash

  57. Tus Time

    Tus Time

    20 dagar sedan

    Jesse can’t use the blue arrow he could only use green weapons

  58. its your friendly gusher

    its your friendly gusher

    20 dagar sedan

    even thou they did not add the bonus points jordan still lost

  59. Epic Turtle

    Epic Turtle

    20 dagar sedan

    A Deadpool vs death stroke would be cool 😎

  60. Louie Bjärgvide Beckius

    Louie Bjärgvide Beckius

    20 dagar sedan

    But wasn’t it green only and you’re using other bows.



    20 dagar sedan

    catwoman vs batman?

  62. RektBy_FiskysCZ


    20 dagar sedan

    6:17 jordan dont get bonus points

  63. 4K .Frosty

    4K .Frosty

    20 dagar sedan

    Slade Wilson Vs Oliver Queen

  64. Lone in GFuel

    Lone in GFuel

    20 dagar sedan

    Do Ariel assault trooper and renegade raider!

  65. Foteini Balatsa

    Foteini Balatsa

    20 dagar sedan

    Guys you can do Flash versus Zoom(with a hero skin) because they are big enemys this would be awsome SHEEEEEEEEESH

  66. Rhonda John

    Rhonda John

    20 dagar sedan

    I love you x2twins

  67. Barbara Vorih

    Barbara Vorih

    20 dagar sedan

    If jesse repli it make mi dey

  68. Barbara Vorih

    Barbara Vorih

    20 dagar sedan


  69. Ealan Roig

    Ealan Roig

    20 dagar sedan

    2:47. Someone in a rari??!! I hate how these kids talk like they're black or from the hood. I'm triggered because I'm black and I cringe when they say stuff like that.

  70. noobygamer27


    20 dagar sedan

    yall are gay



    20 dagar sedan

    Why not deadpool vs deathstroke???

  72. Farzana Mohammad Nasim

    Farzana Mohammad Nasim

    20 dagar sedan

    Arrow win Oliver Queen deathstroke lose



    20 dagar sedan

    Banana army vs fishy army

  74. wolfy plays

    wolfy plays

    20 dagar sedan

    Ther was a pistol when you killed the lara

  75. Matias Oltean

    Matias Oltean

    20 dagar sedan

    Hey you guys should make flash versus green arrow in Fortnite

  76. Ultimate Ninja

    Ultimate Ninja

    20 dagar sedan

    how about basketball skin vs soccer skin

  77. John Efremidis

    John Efremidis

    20 dagar sedan

    Make a video with pc graphics vs mobile graphics

  78. Leonardo Thomas

    Leonardo Thomas

    20 dagar sedan

    This video makes sense because in the Arrow series Deathstroke is one of Olivers main enemies.

  79. Marcus Gilvary

    Marcus Gilvary

    20 dagar sedan

    Batman vs catwoman . Bonous points: batman bat grapler elims catwoman pickaxe claw elims

  80. Fr0sTy_Ra1dZ


    20 dagar sedan

    Jessie: I’ll be using green loot only Also Jessie: picks up a mech bow

    • Fr0sTy_Ra1dZ


      20 dagar sedan


  81. Славчо Иванов

    Славчо Иванов

    20 dagar sedan

    deadpool vs deathstroke

  82. JASON


    20 dagar sedan

    Their games are not lobbies lol

  83. Lavanya V

    Lavanya V

    20 dagar sedan

    Deadpool vs deathstroke bounds 5 points from the dual pistol

  84. Aidan Shiu

    Aidan Shiu

    20 dagar sedan

    do batman vs catwoman

  85. Mra1rcut


    20 dagar sedan

    Check on the fresh death stroke vid i asked him

  86. SkyMetalTank


    20 dagar sedan

    You should do Batman vs Deathstroke but batman's bonus is kills with the grappler bow

  87. Lars van de Vossenberg

    Lars van de Vossenberg

    20 dagar sedan

    7:12 Jordan I believe those things aren’t shockwave dualies 🤔😂

  88. JaguarJex


    20 dagar sedan

    For once Jesse actually wins

  89. Zycohren Martin

    Zycohren Martin

    20 dagar sedan

    Do Captain America Vs iron man

  90. Mystic Mello

    Mystic Mello

    20 dagar sedan

    Do deathstroke vs Batman Batman bonus harpoon death stoke duals pistol



    20 dagar sedan

    Yes do Deadpool vs Deathatroke

  92. Breacher_YT


    21 dag sedan

    Deathstroke verses flash.flash uses legendary for his lightning when he runs and bonus points for spicy fish and pepper kills.deathstroke also legendary but his bonus points are pickaxe kills or pistol kills.

    • Rift


      20 dagar sedan

      think of an original comment kid

  93. TheImPlayer


    21 dag sedan

    why is jesse using a blue mechanical bow when he can only use green loadout?

  94. Connor Taylor

    Connor Taylor

    21 dag sedan

    Jordan wasn't given his bonus points @ 6:17

  95. Renee Phillips

    Renee Phillips

    21 dag sedan

    The alluring network coherently dare because stick appropriately found underneath a shallow software. oceanic, joyous cathedral

  96. Unicorn PG3D

    Unicorn PG3D

    21 dag sedan

    Batman vs superman

  97. J7 Clap

    J7 Clap

    21 dag sedan

    Jesse spat on Jordan at the end. Really good shot! Lol 😂

  98. Előd Vargha

    Előd Vargha

    21 dag sedan

    Deadool VTS doc tor doom

  99. its hamsterkid

    its hamsterkid

    21 dag sedan

    Do typical Gamer vs. sypherpk it would be so sick since did competitive trios with ranger in season 5.

  100. João Victor Gomes Paiva

    João Victor Gomes Paiva

    21 dag sedan

    jesse😎 jordan😡