THE SIX SHOOTER IS BACK... because that's totally what everybody wanted! We explore the new update, including the tweaked six shooter, and attempt to find a use for it. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. T0θN!


    21 dag sedan

    Being honest this six shooter does massive damage and is broken.

  2. Shadow_fearless


    Månad sedan

    The 6 shooter is rubbish

  3. Lars Lindholm

    Lars Lindholm

    Månad sedan

    Sig shooter have the same stats as a green makeshift ar



    Månad sedan

    What’s the music called at the start of the video?

  5. rayyan Imran

    rayyan Imran

    Månad sedan

    them: no one will land at new spot every fortnite player: landing there for gold lara

  6. Dr. BOT

    Dr. BOT

    Månad sedan

    Min. 1:33 Jordan has 4 Bullets left but after He reloads He has a full magazine. I think Jordan is a Hacker with his always full ammo hack

  7. FofinhoDias


    Månad sedan

    The mithyc ar is in the new poi with orelia

  8. Knight-mare


    Månad sedan

    I love how u thought it was in the spire and then at POI u got it but didn't realised it

  9. Shakthipriya Clothings

    Shakthipriya Clothings

    Månad sedan

    Do a video as raven vs beast boy

  10. Landon Keifer Loe

    Landon Keifer Loe

    Månad sedan

    And u hotta steal it from her

  11. Landon Keifer Loe

    Landon Keifer Loe

    Månad sedan

    Its legendary not mythic

  12. jackplays


    Månad sedan

    its a shotgun 3:50 i think your right it a beast

  13. Flair!


    Månad sedan


  14. Tyson


    Månad sedan

    For your next kill race you should so beast boy vs raven

  15. Burrito brothers

    Burrito brothers

    Månad sedan


  16. Sterling Leininger

    Sterling Leininger

    Månad sedan

    My friend said that you have aimbot

  17. Zuhaib Muhammad

    Zuhaib Muhammad

    Månad sedan

    The mythic rifle you get it when u kill the npc at the new location

  18. martyncrease


    Månad sedan


  19. lunatic Gamer

    lunatic Gamer

    Månad sedan

    Eid mubarak everyone

  20. 0/3/1


    Månad sedan

    yo rong rong

  21. Harry The Gamer!

    Harry The Gamer!

    Månad sedan

    People want go there new hot drop

  22. HotRod YT

    HotRod YT

    Månad sedan

    Jordan:I don’t think many people will go there: (the ls are how many ppl are going there) how many people are going there lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  23. Alfyris


    Månad sedan

    Balanced exotic

  24. Ultra instinct Goku

    Ultra instinct Goku

    Månad sedan

    I'm wondering what other exotics might be added next?, we'll have wait and see

  25. damada1974


    Månad sedan

    Where are you from guys...can't recognize the accent...which part of u.k.?

  26. Paolino Consogni

    Paolino Consogni

    Månad sedan

    Siete il siete i più

  27. Zenith


    Månad sedan

    six pistols

  28. Sandra Jankauskaite

    Sandra Jankauskaite

    Månad sedan

    I mean goodest player ever

  29. Sandra Jankauskaite

    Sandra Jankauskaite

    Månad sedan

    Like your the boldest player ever

  30. It's Linz

    It's Linz

    Månad sedan

    Nice video as always :D

  31. mo0d


    Månad sedan

    Do you know that the NPC has the mythic?

  32. MTKTHEGOAT Wasup


    Månad sedan

    Every time I can’t play fortnite it always brings really good updates

  33. K̲̅A̲̅G̲̅E̲̅


    Månad sedan

    The commentary is unnecessary

  34. TechNioMicK


    Månad sedan

    Bro Waiting for your next video!!!! You both are the best

  35. Zelda Guy

    Zelda Guy

    Månad sedan

    No one will land at this poi My POV: Everyone is always landing here every match

  36. Dark Naijo

    Dark Naijo

    Månad sedan

    *I don’t think many people are gonna go their* Me: Just you wait

  37. Ezekiel Grimes

    Ezekiel Grimes

    Månad sedan

    the new poi has the scar and with the lara croft skin if u take the scar off the stone then i get gold lara instantly.

  38. Help me reach 30k by 2021 With no Videos

    Help me reach 30k by 2021 With no Videos

    Månad sedan

    He said " I don't think people are gonna land there

    • Help me reach 30k by 2021 With no Videos

      Help me reach 30k by 2021 With no Videos

      Månad sedan


  39. Seabass DiBacco

    Seabass DiBacco

    Månad sedan


  40. S E N S O R

    S E N S O R

    Månad sedan

    How about that next Hunter Vs player vid u got the like goal ;)

  41. Mr Morty

    Mr Morty

    Månad sedan

    Watch fresh vid he has insane aim with it

  42. Otto Holgersson

    Otto Holgersson

    Månad sedan

    Next video: Oro vs orila

  43. Bernard Deveney

    Bernard Deveney

    Månad sedan

    mine isnt updating

  44. Jonienewest


    Månad sedan

    newbatoon has made a montage for you

  45. lokd


    Månad sedan

    How remember when they called renegades

  46. benny3830


    Månad sedan

    Mccreamy has aimbot with the six shooter if you watch his vid on it😂

  47. instincts


    Månad sedan

    Do a random cat challenge with the normal one then ghost then shadow then gold and then toon

  48. bazsx


    Månad sedan

    what kind of monitor does joran have?



    Månad sedan

    tenks for new video

  50. zooblox Larsen

    zooblox Larsen

    Månad sedan

    im using the code in the shop/HitMyFacw00:)

  51. Makhei Belk

    Makhei Belk

    Månad sedan

    Can you 1v1 in Bhe

  52. Mohammed Dhayaa

    Mohammed Dhayaa

    Månad sedan

    is damage 24

  53. Mr Creaperhead

    Mr Creaperhead

    Månad sedan

    You should do exotic shadow tracker vs exotic six shooter

  54. Ryhan Darnley

    Ryhan Darnley

    Månad sedan

    My opinion a lot of the weapons this season have been quite disappointing

  55. flying monkey

    flying monkey

    Månad sedan

    And sub

  56. flying monkey

    flying monkey

    Månad sedan

    I liked your vid and liked so can I have a skin in fortnite username weihaoli2008

  57. Ashton Whitney

    Ashton Whitney

    Månad sedan

    This is why people do not play fortnite just bring back old season this is stupid



    Månad sedan

    My fortnite name is LAI-16-09



    Månad sedan

    Can you please give me the battle pass

  60. FrozenGamer Rex19

    FrozenGamer Rex19

    Månad sedan

    Well the New Exotic Six Shooter is just 🗑and OP at the same time

  61. Slick Cripn

    Slick Cripn

    Månad sedan

    Any vbuks gifts names NoodleGang275

  62. Slick Cripn

    Slick Cripn

    Månad sedan

    Yo bro

  63. Aqeel Gamer

    Aqeel Gamer

    Månad sedan

    X2twins literally didn't added the coral buddies music in the end of the video

  64. Adam Yasser

    Adam Yasser

    Månad sedan

    Ok well my review on this 6 shooter is if you’re Jarvis,this gun is somewhat useful but if you’re not, then this gun is awful

  65. lace_ D4V1D

    lace_ D4V1D

    Månad sedan

    the new location has an gold scar

    • Atom Playz

      Atom Playz

      Månad sedan

      They probably already know that

  66. Finn van Rijckevorsel

    Finn van Rijckevorsel

    Månad sedan

    Do a six shooter vs revolver



    Månad sedan

    Who’s here from stream?

  68. Fortnite kilen

    Fortnite kilen

    Månad sedan

    My name is Leo_jansson

  69. JackPlayz XD

    JackPlayz XD

    Månad sedan

    You get the mythic if you kill the girl

  70. Stery cz

    Stery cz

    Månad sedan

    Please give raz his first win

  71. Filo Faalogo

    Filo Faalogo

    Månad sedan


  72. Charlie’s Vlogs

    Charlie’s Vlogs

    Månad sedan

    The people they killed-THEIR HACKERS-and then they report them

  73. Anthony Palacio

    Anthony Palacio

    Månad sedan

    Him I don’t think anyone’s gonna go there litereally there like 10 people

  74. Oscar Clayton

    Oscar Clayton

    Månad sedan

    Do a silence pistol vs six shooter

  75. The Wicked Unicorn

    The Wicked Unicorn

    Månad sedan

    I love ur vids guys

  76. Boom Troll

    Boom Troll

    Månad sedan

    The new npc orellia at the new island on the map has the mithic primal assault rifle

  77. BrutalFreak


    Månad sedan

    Jordan: "this place is weird. I don't think many people will land there" My game: "(Shooting) (Chaos)"

  78. cobra


    Månad sedan

    New poi is where you get gold lara croft

  79. Miss K Virgo

    Miss K Virgo

    Månad sedan

    Do beast boy be she hulk

  80. Acid Lucifer

    Acid Lucifer

    Månad sedan

    Dont think noone will land the small island. In game the whole lobby lands there for golden lara croft lol

  81. Sébastien de Neve

    Sébastien de Neve

    Månad sedan

    Jesse, this is a strange POI I don't think many peopel wil go there Me:watching tutorials for the lara craft aniversary review Also me:you fool

  82. fortnite gamer

    fortnite gamer

    Månad sedan

    Wait then how do we get the myth rifle

    • fortnite gamer

      fortnite gamer

      Månad sedan

      Anybody reply and tell me if you know

  83. Joshua Wattam

    Joshua Wattam

    Månad sedan

    3:57 a great example, you can't judge a book by its cover.

  84. Amber Jones

    Amber Jones

    Månad sedan


  85. Romilo “ROMILO”

    Romilo “ROMILO”

    Månad sedan

    You can do double Pump with it

  86. Nawras Hassoun

    Nawras Hassoun

    Månad sedan

    I love u from Syria🇸🇾❤

  87. Christian Moss

    Christian Moss

    Månad sedan

    Brandan _skates lmao , I still have the racist messages u sent , the dude in the yellow racist I have the screenshot when he was saying nigga with the hard Er

  88. Aarushah


    Månad sedan

    Do revolver vs six shooter

  89. Mehdi SAKHABUTH


    Månad sedan

    the mythic riffle are with the spire gaudians not raz

  90. Geo Charro - EIS Grade 3

    Geo Charro - EIS Grade 3

    Månad sedan

    You should land there first and get the mines scar on a plat form

  91. Xu Tan

    Xu Tan

    Månad sedan

    you can get a gold scar from the bottom floor of Isla Nublada (the new place). After you get it, I sugest you rift out of there. (the rift is at the top.) If you collect the scar at that place as lara, you get her gold style

  92. Mathis The Dum

    Mathis The Dum

    Månad sedan

    x2Twins do you have Lara Croft in Gold. '-'

  93. Divyansh Jhajhria

    Divyansh Jhajhria

    Månad sedan

    Is yuki like more sweaty than chigusa?

  94. Frost


    Månad sedan

    Six shooter vs Shadow tracker

  95. Yaqub Rahman

    Yaqub Rahman

    Månad sedan

    Hey Guys So I need your help Jesse and Jordon or Whoever is reading this Sooooooo theres this girl at school that I Like she's really cute But She says Hiyyaaa And I dont know what it means and when she says it Every one laughs

  96. Quinnion


    Månad sedan


  97. judy fernandez

    judy fernandez

    Månad sedan

    Little did they know

  98. Andy Villena

    Andy Villena

    Månad sedan


  99. rj CEO

    rj CEO

    Månad sedan

    Can I will be one of you if you add Zozo 15

  100. Ammar Vahora

    Ammar Vahora

    Månad sedan

    Can we just appreciate the fact they upload daily for us